16 Teddy Coat Outfit Ideas That Are Super Cozy

If you’ve ventured out into the cold winter weather this season (not blaming you if you haven’t), you’ve probably seen a few staple fashion accessories being sported by fashionistas worldwide. One in particular is that undeniably cozy, furry coat that we all want to wrap ourselves in whenever we see someone wearing it. Enter: the teddy coat. These teddy fur coats and jackets (faux fur!!) are one of the most popular winter fashion essentials this season. Whether black, beige, tan or brown..these trendy fur jackets are a must have in your winter wardrobe. Check out these 16 cozy teddy coat outfit ideas for the ultimate winter outfit goals!

1. City Chic

Kick your average leggings and sweater look up a notch by adding an over-sized teddy coat and a pair of black ankle booties!

These teddy coat outfits are perfect for winter!

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2) Cozy Hipster

Keep your vibe chill and relaxed with a pair of distressed jeans, sneakers and a beanie to block out the cold!

These streetstyle teddy coat outfits are perfect for winter!

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3) NYC Street Style

Having a heavy, long coat is important for those who live in colder places. A long teddy peacoat will keep you warm and elevate your street style!

These street style teddy coat outfits are perfect for winter!

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4) The Cropped Teddy

Keep your look casual with a cropped jacket and a plain t-shirt.

I love this cropped teddy jacket!

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5) All Black With A Pop Of Color

If you’re running out of the house in a rush and don’t have time to put an outfit together, throw on an all black combo and top it off with this killer jacket. It will bring the entire look together.

This teddy coat outfit for winter is so cute!

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6) The Patterned Teddy Coat

Go for a jacket with a cool print and keep the rest of your outfit minimal when it comes to colors and accessories.

This patterned fur teddy coat outfit is so cute!

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7) Mix And Match Textures And Prints

Don’t be afraid to mix that Shearling fur with stripes or any other patterns to give your outfit some dimension and pizzaz!

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8) Urban Vibes

There’s nothing comfier or cooler than a pair of velour track pants. These emerald green track pants are the perfect addition to this oversized teddy jacket for a look that’s totally effortless!

I love this teddy coat street style look!

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9) High Fashion Meets Streetwear

A bright red teddy jacket is the perfect pop of color to an all black ensamble if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. Just don’t forget your hater blockers and hood.

 This red fur teddy coat is so cute!

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10) Layers!

You can never be too warm. Pair a chunky knit, turtleneck sweater with an oversized teddy coat and a cute beanie!

This long teddy peacoat is perfect for winter!

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11) The Bomber Jacket

Put aside your ordinary bomber jacket and opt for a warmer version for the winter months!

These teddy bomber jackets make such cute winter outfits!

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12) The Two-Toned Teddy

We love the black accents on this oversized teddy coat. This beige color is super versatile and can go with just about any look!


I love oversized teddy coats for the winter!

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13) All Black Everything

You can’t go wrong with an all back ensemble. A black shearling coat is all you need to take any all black look from drab to fab.

This all black teddy coat outfit idea is so cute!

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14) Comfy Street Style

Rock your teddy coat with a hoodie, jeans and sneakers for chill vibes that are totally comfy.

This is one of the cutest teddy coats outfits!


15) Dress Up Your Look

Take your look from daytime to nighttime by pairing your coat with a going out outfit!


I love this teddy coat outfit!Copy this look:


16) Rock It With A Skirt And T-Shirt

The best thing about teddy coats is that they can literally be worn with any look. Rock it with a skirt and graphic t-shirt to look cute and stylish but still super comfy and warm!

These are such cute teddy coat outfit ideas!

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Which teddy coat do you absolutely need in your closet? Let us know down below!
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