Enter the #iLuvBack2School Selfy™ Sweepstakes!

Enter the #iLuvBack2School Selfy™ Sweepstakes!

WIN an iLuv Selfy smartphone case! (more…)

1 week ago

5 Fun & Useful Tech Accessories

If you're like me, you love cool and useful gadgets but are not willing to throw down for the Google…

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Back to School Checklist

  A couple of great online stores to get bedding and dorm room items: Urban Outfitters – get 5% cash…

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Affordable Ways to Store and Protect Your Files

As a student there’s nothing scarier than realizing (after your computer crashes) that you didn’t back up your files.  All…

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Two Weeks Left to Save at Apple!

The Apple Store for Education has been partnering with Studentrate to help students be able to afford the computer they…

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Back Up Your Computer with Carbonite

Computers can crash at anytime, so it's super important that you back up all your information so that paper you…

2 months ago

Making a Motivating Workout Playlist

  Listening to music while you workout has been proven to be beneficial and help you exercise longer and harder,…

2 months ago

Guitar Center Discounts

Playing music instruments has enhanced my life and broadened my horizons more than I ever thought it could. I started…

2 months ago

Get a PC For a Discount At Lenovo

Lenovo is a relatively new PC brand that started selling computers in 2004, though the company has been around for…

2 months ago

Picking the Right Laptop for College (Mac vs PC vs Tablet)

In this day and age, any PC, Mac, or tablet will be good enough to bring with you to college.…

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