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10 Teas That Will Put Some Pep Into Your Step

10 Teas That Will Put Some Pep Into Your Step

10 Teas That Will Put Some Pep Into Your Step

Coffee is not the only thing that will get your rocking and rolling in the morning. We have our good friend tea to do that as well! There are SO MANY different teas out there in the game that provide your body with a variety of great health benefits. There are many teas that also give you the start-up in the morning you need to win the day!  I have compiled a list of some teas that are yummy and will give you the pep you need in your step to win the day! Let’s get drinking! 

1. Yerba Mate

Hailing from the land of South America, this tea has the strength of coffee and the health benefits of tea. It contains 24 vitamins! According to a study conducted by the Pasteur Institute and The Paris Scientific Study in 1964 this tea “contains practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life.” WHOA. This tea can boost energy and improve mental focus and it will also boost your immune system! Take a sip of this and you will good to go in the morning. 

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2. Black tea

This tea is considered the strongest of all teas in flavor. Many of the teas on this list are black tea. Although this tea has less than half of the caffeine of coffee, it can increase your energy. It does so by helping to enhance blood flow to the brain without making the heart work overtime. It also stimulates your metabolism. Essentially it wakes you up from the inside out! 

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3. Chai tea

Chai tea is made out of a combination fermented black tea, fresh ginger, cinnamon, black pepper the spice cardamom, fennel, and cloves. The ingredients in chai tea make it a perfect morning drink. The cinnamon in the tea increases circulation in the body, awareness, and reduces fatigue. Exactly what we are looking for! The other ingredients also help manage or treat aliments in the world for generations. There are plenty of yummy chai tea recipes. Turn your kitchen into a better beverage hot spot than Starbucks! 

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4. Mint tea

This is one the herbal teas that will be SURE to put some pep into your step! This tea will wake you up and get your ready to rock and roll. It will help you improve your mental awareness and focus with minty freshness. Mine is peppermint tea because of the feeling I get from it when I drink as it wakes me up in the morning. When you are feeling a tad under the weather, this is a good drinking buddy to have because this tea can help your sinuses. 

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5. Dandelion Root Tea

Research suggests that this tea could have inflammatory properties. Although there is no clear link between roasted dandelion root tea and inflammatory types of diseases, it is possible for those parts of this plant to promote overall better health. This may be because this tea is packed with antioxidants. These substances are important for preventing certain types of cell damage. This tea is sure to give your immune system the pep it needs. 


6. Green tea with citrus

Classic green tea. Another tea packed with antioxidants that have a plethora of health benefits. It does more than keep you awake, it can also improve your brain function. It does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, but enough to give you the energy without the “jittery” side effects that you may encounter when drinking too much of the Joe. It also contains this really awesome amino acid L-theanine which can team up with the caffeine in the tea to improve productivity. GET TO SIPPIN. 

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7. Kombucha tea

Unless you have been living under a rock like Patrick Star, you have heard the hype about this kind of tea. This tea is a fermented, slightly alcoholic tea that contains sugar, bacteria and yeast! Say what?! So why are people rushing to imbibe this tea?! Because of all its health benefits. People are raving about this tea. The bacteria in it contain probiotics which is key for maintaining a healthy gut. In addition, it has antioxidants, which your body appreciated as well. Honestly, some kombucha tea does not taste the greatest, but since it has the potential to give your body a boost, give it a try! Ya never know!


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8. Ginger tea

This herbal tea beverage that has a long his troy in Eastern medicine. This tea knows what’s up when it comes to good health. Drinking this tea in the morning can help improve digestion. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well. And for all of my ladies out there, this tea has been known to help alleviate menstrual cramps! BLESS UP. 

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9. Earl Grey tea

This OG British tea is one of the most recognized tea flavors in the world. Now, THIS black tea will get you GOING in the morning. And it will keep you hydrated throughout the day! Stressin as the day goes on?! Earl Grey tea contains bergamot which can have aromatherapy like qualities to help alleviate stress! Give it a go so you can keep going! 

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10. Oolong Tea

This Chinese black tea has been used to increase mental alertness and sharpen thinking skills. Key for your morning routine. Because of how it is made, oolong tea can a have a variety of different flavors: from floral to grassy to sweet and toasty. Guaranteed to liven up your taste buds and spice up your life. 

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 Even though it seems like I was hating on coffee, my heart does belong to coffee. My blood was 98% in college. But now you have a list of delicious teas! Not only do these teas wake you up in the morning, they give you a little pep to your health! Go forth and sip on the goodness. Your body, mind and soul will thank you! Life is too short to drink bad tea! 

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