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Tasty Snacks That Will Help You Get Through Your Day

Tasty Snacks That Will Help You Get Through Your Day

You might be the type of person who gets hungry during the day, even when it is not a meal time. Therefore, you are going to need to figure out some snacks to eat. Depending on what your day looks like, you might not be able to sit down and properly enjoy it. Or maybe, you are just not in the mood for a snack that is very layered and elaborate. You want a snack that can be quick and just requires opening a seal, which is perfectly understandable. This does not mean you should sacrifice quality. Don’t just grab something because it is there and deal with it when your hunger comes. You need to think about what you like and always be prepared. Go to the grocery store and stock up on some snacks that can help sustain you and that you find enjoyable. Here are some delicious snacks that you can have at any time of the day and will make you happy at any time of the day.

1. Wheat Thins

A box of something salty may be able to help you out. However, you might not want something that is overwhelmingly salty. You want enough to satisfy your craving, but not too much that it is a distraction for your day. And of course, you would want something very portable. That is why your snack should be a box of Wheat Thins. A Wheat Thins box will have dozens of Wheat Thins inside so you can hold on to them for a while. Don’t let the 10% whole grain label on the box scar you. Even though they could be considered healthy, they are still delicious. Each Wheat Thins is a little light brown square or rectangle with a little salt on it. It has a salty and savory taste that can be very addicting. You definitely can not stop at one. You will probably end up having a couple handfuls at a time, and that is totally valid. Even though the pieces are small, they will help give you energy. So if you don’t have time for a meal, these should definitely help you out.

2. Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves the taste of a chocolate chip cookie. It is a classic snack that can always satisfy someone’s urge for something sweet. However, it may not be seen as practical to have a bunch of chocolate chip cookies around as your snack. While you should obviously continue enjoying them, there is an alternative for you to eat during the day. This alternative is Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. They come in a variety of other cookie flavors, but you can never go wrong with the original. What makes these cookies special are the crispiness. They are as thin as a cracker, with little chocolate chips peeking out. The crispiness makes them a bit lighter so you don’t get filled up quickly. The bag comes with many cookies and there is no shame in having more than one. These cookies are a bit healthier than your average cookie, which is what makes them ideal for your snack. If you want some chocolate in your day, this is the snack to buy.


3. Veggie Straws

You might be the type of person who is always having potato chips as your snack. Potato chips are obviously delicious, but there might be some better and more interesting chips out there. It would probably be best to get something a little more healthy, a little less filling, but still with a yummy taste. That is why you should get some Veggie Straws. Don’t worry, this is not just a bag of vegetables. This is set up like a bag of chips, but a little different. Instead of a flat chip shape, these chips are shaped like straws, as the name implies. The straws come in shades of yellow, orange, and green. The flavors can be difficult to distinguish from each other, but they all taste delicious. They have a little salt, a bit of an umami flavor, and just a hint of some veggie flavoring, which all combine to create a unique taste. These straws may not be as healthy as vegetables, but they can be a bit better than your average chip. They are also lighter so you don’t get slowed down. Open up a bag and grab some handfuls throughout your day.

4. Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn

When you think of the best parts of a movie theater, one of the first things you think of is that delicious buttery popcorn. This is the type of popcorn that gets butter stuck to your fingers and can be very addicting. While that popcorn is wonderful, it is not something you could eat everyday due to the messiness and the unhealthiness. Not to mention that the popcorn eventually feels less like a snack and more like a meal. However, that does not mean you should give up popcorn. It is an amazing snack when served properly. So if you ever have that craving for popcorn, get a bag of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn. This is a bag that you will usually fill almost to the brim. You can get the small bags if you want something quick or the bigger bags if you want to spread that snack out. This can be a nice healthy snack for you to have without all of the processed butter. This is a very tasty brand, along with the very colorful bags. Popcorn is reliable with a fun texture and a satisfying crunch.

5. Sour Patch Kids

Maybe you want something a little sour for your day. The goal of sourness is to make people feel alive and add a fun little kick to what the person is eating. It can add some thrills to your day. That does not mean you should only focus on the sourness. The snack should also taste delicious. That is why you should get a bag or a box of Sour Patch Kids. Each Sour Patch Kid comes in a different fruit flavor so that you have a lot of variety in your snack. Then there is the main event of this snack, the sourness. As soon as you put on in your mouth, you will get that burst of sourness that makes you wince a little and pucker your lips in a good way. Eventually the sourness fades and it will start to taste like a normal sweet candy. This pattern will go on over and over again. It can be quite the experience. Since this is a sour candy there is not much nutritional value, but it is not a bad thing for you to eat at all. Maybe not every day, but it sure can be helpful to perk you up on certain days, as everyone deserves a bit of a treat.

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6. Trader Joe’s Cats Cookies

The beauty of chips is that they are small enough that you can have a lot of them at once with no problem. That is not usually the case with other snacks. For example, most cookies come in single servings. While cookies are tasty, it is harder to eat many of them at once. Fortunately, that is not the case for all cookies. If you want to have cookies that you can eat like chips, then you should get some of Trader Joe’s Cats Cookies. The cat cookies are a lot smaller than the average cookie. They are each around the size of your thumb, which means you can easily eat a couple of handfuls. They come in a rich chocolate flavor and they are all shaped like a cat, hence the name. So not only do they taste yummy, they are also adorable looking. The chocolate is not too strong and gives the perfect amount of sweetness that you might need if you have been having a salty day. Get ready to satisfy that chocolate craving with as many cookies as you want.

7. Quaker Oats Granola Bars

Sometimes you need a snack that can help fuel you up, but you still want the sweetness. If you don’t have the time for a meal, you may not think that you are going to be able to get through the day focused. You might also think that a lot of snacks are just going to fill you, but not actually help you out. If you feel that that is the case, then maybe you should buy some Quaker Oats granola bars. These granola bars come in a variety of flavors, but the chocolate chip one is the traditional flavor and is a real guarantee for most people. You may think that normal granola is a little dry and boring, but that is not the case for granola bars. The granola is sticking together so you get some good bites each time and it certainly won’t be dry. It is a bit sweeter than your average granola, which helps make the eating experience enjoyable. If your day is jam packed, make sure you have at least one of these with you to boost you up. Granola bars have a lot of substance and can be a great part of any day.


8. Green Grapes

Fruit is one of the greatest food categories out there. It is one of the healthiest food groups out there, but most fruits still have an amazing sweetness. There are so many different fruits that you can have as your snack, but there is one fruit that has the best combination of snack qualities. This fruit is the green grape. There is no particular brand you need to buy, any bag from your local grocery store can do. Some fruits like apples and bananas have you only stop at one. With green grapes, you can have many at once without a problem. There are also fruits where you eat many at once, like raspberries or blueberries, where they can get mushy and messy which will leave your hands dirty for the day. Green grapes are smooth and slick. The difference between green grapes and purple grapes is that green grapes have more of that crunch. Purple grapes are more likely to go soft, which is usually not the ideal texture. So if you are in the mood to eat something that is sweet and healthy, go to the fruit section and pick up some green grapes.