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10 Tasty Food Boards To Try

10 Tasty Food Boards To Try

Honestly, there is no better snack to have out than food boards. These food boards are fun to create, visually pleasing, and so tasty to have when your people are over. Whether you are hosting, or need to bring food, this is the perfect food to make! There are a variety of food board types that you can try depending on your event. Discover the best food boards for all events and moods!

1) Burger Board

This is a perfect food board option for BBQ parties and dinners! The key to having a quality food board is to have a variety of colors and options to where it feels overwhelming when you go to choose your foods. The best way to go about this board is to grill “mini” burger sliders and have all of the toppings and ingredients for the burgers around the slider burgers on the board! This is a hardy food board, so the bigger the board, the better!

2) Bagel Breakfast Board

This is the ultimate bagel board and it. breakfast heaven. If you are having people over for a breakfast, then this is 100% the breakfast board for you. Have an assortment of bagels, spreads, and toppings for every type of bagel on your bagel board. It is also a good idea to have and assortment of fruit available too! I love this board so much and it is a perfect layout for a post-morning workout carb load!


3) French Fry Board

Oh yes we did. This is such a tasty board and so worth your time. Can you name all of the different types on french fries? Instead of picking one fry type, pick ALL the fries! This is such a fun food board idea and will totally be the hit of the party. This is a great food board option for movie nights, BBQ parties, super bowl/ sports gatherings, and outdoor activities! Get creative with this one. It is also a good idea to have a variety of dipping sauce choices and to label the different dipping sauces because they can get confusing!

4) Chocolate Board

It’s time to whip out the fancy chocolate and totally impress your people by creative this amazing food board. Create this chocolate spread with a variety of different chocolate tastes. The key to this food board is the extra food that pairs well with the different chocolates. A few recommendations to get started with is different fruits and nuts! This is also a fun board for bonfires and summer nights! You can do a lot with this board. The kiddos also love a good chocolate board. So if you’re in charge of dessert, this is a great option for you.

5) Pancake Board

This is just one of the many other breakfast boards that you can create! This is also one of the easiest boards to make because you just need the pancakes and choice of toppings. It is recommended that you research all of the different creative toppings that you can put on your pancake! Wake up to this food board in the morning to start off your day on a good note.


6) Fajita Board

Ooo who doesn’t love fajitas? This is a fabulous route to go when you are making a fajita meal! Everyone likes their food a little bit different. Having a beautiful spread of meat and ingredients to make the perfect fajita is perfect for food boards. Heat up your tortillas and make sure to include all of the favorite fajita toppings that your guests can choose from.

7) Mediterranean Board

This is on of the best food board choices for almost every occasion. There are so many different flavors and colors that are worth your time and they will difficulty be a hit for your guests. Whether you make you own hummus or buy hummus store bought, there are so many different foods that pair so well. Also PITA! You can’t go wrong with this board.

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8) Wine Taste Board

Why not have your own wine tasting party? This a fun activity and party idea that is centered around your beautiful wine food board. this one might require a bit of research if you are not familiar which wines pair well with certain foods. If you are familiar, rock on and share your knowledge with your people! This is a great food board for a night with your people. It’s also a way to show off some wine knowledge!

9) Veggie Board

This one goes out to all my healthy peeps! The veggie board is a lovely light board that is a classic at parties. If you’re look to have a staple dish to bring to parties and events, then this is a solid option. The  veggie board is really appropriate to almost any party event. You can really get creative with the board display. The more colors, the better! Veggies is the most popular source for colors on food boards. Pair this board with a variety of dipping sauces and seasonings to spice up the classic veggie food board.

10) Seafood Board

If you are a seafood and sushi lover, the you will be all about this food board. The seafood board can be cooked seafood or raw seafood depending on your preference. If you go the raw fish sushi route, then have a variety of toppings and ingredients that you enjoy on your sushi. If you have all of the materials, you can even create a sushi-making board! Other seafood that you can experiment with is shrimp, fish, oysters, and mussels! This board is a little more advanced to make, but it is so worth it in the end. Make sure that all the food that you are putting on this board is safe and kept at the right temperature. Don’t keep seafood out for too long… especially raw fish!


These are just a few of the favored food boards trends. Which food board is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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