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Top 10 Tasty Diets For Losing Weight

Top 10 Tasty Diets For Losing Weight

With so many diets out there nowadays how is one supposed to know which ones are right for them? Well in terms of how well they work that’s different for each individual person. But when it comes to the tastiest diets out there, here are 10 of the best diets to try based on taste.

1) South Beach

Like many of the diets listed here, the South Beach diet goes after carbs pretty viscously. The diet focusses on eating lean meats and keeping wide assortments of vegetables apparent to pair with said lean meats. where this diet is tasty and fun for some people is that it focusses a lot more on planned eating. and why that is fun, is that you have the freedom to make snacks and small grazing portions of food out of the options the diet suggests. After that,  it just comes down to sticking with the timing for when you should eat those snacks or meals-so more choice on your part while still being regimented and kept in the green.

2) Keto

Unlike most diets, Keto actually supports and encourages foods that have a higher fat content. Again this diet doesn’t approve of carbs, and that is the most strict point with this diet. Why this diet supports fat and meats is because its meant to train your body to process these things that would normally take your body longer to process. Carbs burn quick and put on the weight faster in excess, so this diet throws really hearty soups and dips and seasoned protein options to get your body used to burn the fats in those foods, and thus burning fats in your body more naturally at a standstill. So if you want a lot of flavor and protein and can sacrifice carbs-this is one of the diets meant for you.

Top 10 Tasty Diets For Losing Weight

3) Mediterranean 

Fish, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, a lot more naturally obvious and better quality foods in this diet. The Mediterranean is a diet that focusses on getting your fats from healthier sources. The main variation between this and Keto is that the Mediterranean is a bit more inclined for eating lighter meals. It’s trying to give your body foods that are easier for it to process while still having great nutrients for you. If other diets don’t appeal to you and you want to enjoy lighter meals with more natural ingredients-this one is definitely for you. Also if you’re a wine drinker-this diet supports win wholeheartedly.  

4) Zone

As the name is more apparent than other diets, Zone is all about keeping a strict balance in your foods. With each meal in this diet, you are meant to have a perfect balance between carbs and protein. That way they are burning each other out. Big staples in this diet sound familiar to most when thinking about dieting-lean meat protein, lots of rice, not a whole lot when it comes to fats or dishes that are lax in seasonings/preparation.

5) Paleo

Of all these diets, Paleo can be one of the hardest to maintain. This diet focusses on foods that have existed in the world before colonization and processing became a thing. Furthermore, this diet mainly condemns starches while focussing more on fruits, nuts, fish, and lean meat. On top of that, this diet leans heavily on exercise. So unlike some of the others listed here, this is a high impact diet that will be very noticeable to you if you choose to follow it. If you’re a fan of more natural foods and you dislike the modern processing of foods, this diet will be tasty and very desirable to you.

Top 10 Tasty Diets For Losing Weight

6) Raw

One of the simplest diets you will ever come across that will be incredibly tasty to anyone out there who is a vegetarian. As the name implies, the only thing allowed in this diet is raw vegetarian foods. This diet goes against cooking foods as the backbone belief of it is that through the process of cooking the food you are burning off nutrients. An interesting benefit to this diet is there are no proportional restrictions. You are encouraged to eat as much as you want so long as it is raw and vegetarian. Another benefit besides knowing that everything is tasty in this diet because there’s nothing done to any of it is the fact that it makes grocery shopping simpler.

7) Atkins

Instead of carbs like the other diets, the Atkins diet mainly focusses on zoning out sugars and certain dairy products. This diet is great for people who like more condensed meals in terms of foods on the plate. There is the usual desire for lean meats but also a regular intake of a fat source as well. If sweets and dairy aren’t that involved in your life this is a great and tasty diet if you’re simply looking to make foods more condensed down to the basics that you approve of. This diet also focusses on implementing more fats and different carbs as you progress through the program of the diet. so never stale, evolving often, and a focus on foods that will be familiar to your day to day cooking.

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Of all the diets, this one especially focusses on preparing a lot of its meals from scratch and at home. Volumetrics focusses on fruits and vegetables that contain a high water concentration. So if crisp and fresh are your pallet preferences then this diet is going to be really tasty for you. Salads and vegetable-laden dishes that are steam or cooked in ways that don’t burn out the water content are very apparent.


Out of all these tasty diets, this is the only one that comes with meditation, if that’s your bag. A lot of straying away from meats with this diet. The primary focus is on fruits/vegetables, and whole grains. The diet proposes slowing down meals and frequency of food ingestion so that you can give your body more time to burn off natural foods. The end goal is to provide a delicious yet strict eating habit to promote the overall health of the mind and body.

Top 10 Tasty Diets For Losing Weight


I’ll start off by saying that freshly is one of those home delivery food programs like Blue Apron or Nutrisystem, all of which come with their own kinds of diets. Freshly is a more recent discovery in this realm of food delivery and allows you to have prepared meals come right to your door. If you do their diet plan, they have a separate menu that will fit into your needs and tastes so that you don’t have to worry about cooking things per se. All in all, this diet allows for the most personal choice in terms of food while being convenient for those who do not wish to cook.

All in all, all of these diets have tasty foods, some will appeal to you more than others. In the comments below let us know what you think of these diets and which ones appeal to and why?

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