10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

Put away your chequebook and put away your high heeled shoes because you don’t need to leave your house to get a taste of what you’re craving tonight. If you’re in the mood for tasty desserts but you want to skip the restaurant and bakery line ups, then these ten recipes are for you. Break out your baking pan because you have a little bit of cooking to do tonight. 

1. Worms and Dirt

Worms and dirt are the classic childhood dessert, but they are also so freaking tasty. All you need is Oreos, gummy words and pudding. Take out a small bowl and fill it halfway with chocolate pudding, then crunch up some Oreos to fill the second half and top it all off with some gummy worms. You will feel like a kid again eating this tasty dessert that takes minimal effort to bake and clean up. 

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

Nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jelly. Which is why these tasty desserts will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but they will also fulfill your childhood dreams. This recipe is super easy and your kids will love it just as much as you do. Buy a make your own pizza kit, toast the dough in the oven and then cover it in peanut butter and jelly, lightly bake for five minutes. If you want to make this tasty dessert even better, cover it in graham cracker sprinkles. Can you say yum?    

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

3. Brownie Volcano

You have probably cracked open a hot brownie before to find a flowing river of more chocolate inside. My mouth is watering just thinking about tasty desserts like these brownie volcanoes. If you want to make this dessert at home you can achieve the same level of decadent sweetness with a simple box brownie kit. Make your brownies in individual serving cups or muffin tin. Once you pour the mixture evenly into your choice of baking apparatus you can shove in some small truffles. Bake the brownies following the box instructors and then enjoy the same level of richness as you would in a real restaurant. 

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

4. Donuts

Believe it or not, donuts are unbelievably easy to make! You can deep fry the dough in a saucepan at home with some oil and a candy thermometer or you can buy a donut tin just as you would for homemade muffins. The fun part of making donuts at home is getting to decorate them in new and interesting ways that you wouldn’t find in a standard bakery. Icing can be bought at a local store but you can get creative with your icing choices and toppings combinations, you may even invent a brand new donut. I would be happy to taste test for you.     

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

5.  Trifle

We have all seen the Friends episode where Rachel, Jennifer Aniston, screws up the trifle. But, did you know that it is a real dessert that is extremely tasty and easy to make? All you need is leftover desserts that are in your fridge. Mash together some cake, jam, donuts and ice cream all together in a bowl and boom you have a trifle. This is actually a great dessert to throw together after a birthday party when you have leftover cake. It’s like the chilli of the dessert world, maybe that’s why Rachel thought you had to put beef in the trifle. 


6. Classic Milk Shakes

Nothing says classic like a milkshake. Milkshakes only have take two ingredients, milk and ice cream. Mix up combinations of milk and ice cream to make tasty flavors and new tasty desserts that even Betty and Jughead would be jealous of. Split a tasty dessert like this with you bae to make you feel like you’re in a 1950’s diner in your own living room. 

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

7. Macarons

Don’t be intimidated by the fancy name, Macarons are extremely easy to make. Basically, bake two small cookies and fill the middle with icing. Now how to make those two small cookies can be complicated, but if you’re looking to cut out the middle man you can just buy the same cookies at Wallmart and fill the centre bit up with icing. The choice is yours if you want to take the easy way or the hard way, the hard way will definitely get you better results, but the easy way is easier.    

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10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

8. Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream sundaes are the salad of the dessert world. Mostly because every bite brings you all the delicious ingredients you threw in. Ice cream sundaes are so easy to make and so freaking yummy I am getting hungry just thinking about them. If you want to make a delicious ice cream sundae my advice would be to use everything but the kitchen sink. Break out your sprinkles, marshmallows, whip cream and cherries and throw it all on top of some delicious vanilla ice cream.  

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

9. Banana Split

Looking for tasty desserts you can split between two people? Why not try a banana split? As easy to make as a simple sundae you can make a banana split using ice cream, icing and of course bananas. Slice open your banana fill the centre with icing, toppings and ice cream. Top it all off with chocolate drizzle and whip cream.   

10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

10. Cupcake

What’s better than cake? Individual cakes! Cupcakes are the easiest dessert to make but can also be the tastiest. Make your cupcakes complicated with fancy toppings or simple with a basic box recipe, any way you bake it will be excellent. Cupcakesarenotonlyeasytomake, but they are also easy to save. If you have a party at the end of the week you can make these on Monday and have them ready for Friday, if you don’t eat them all before. 10 Tasty Desserts You Can Make At Home

Next time you’re itching to get fancy with dessert, skip the fancy restaurant and try out these tasty desserts instead. 

What tasty desserts do you love to bake? Comment below!

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