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Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

dairy free desserts, Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

Changing your diet is not always easy, especially when you are switching to a dairy-free lifestyle. Adapting to a dairy-free lifestyle may be difficult at the beginning when you realize that all of the tasty treats that you love – pizza, mac and cheese, ice cream, the list goes on – contain dairy. What can you do about your sweet tooth when every dessert you can think of contains dairy? These tasty dairy-free desserts are for you to try!

1. Chewy, Fudgey, Vegan Double-Chocolate Brownies

If your sweet tooth is always craving something chocolatey, then these chewy, fudgey, vegan double-chocolate brownies are something you definitely need to try! With ingredients like almond butter, almond milk, coconut oil, and applesauce, all of your dairy-free worries can escape your mind and you can enjoy this tasty treat without fear of messing up your diet. You can even add dairy-free chocolate chips to your brownies for even more chocolatey goodness!

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

2. Lemon Curd Tart With Berries

For something a little more summery, give this gluten free and dairy free lemon curd tart with berries a try! With most lemon curd recipes calling for a least 1/4 pound of butter, it can be difficult to find a recipe for this tangy dessert that is safe for dairy free individuals to enjoy, but now that you have, it is time for you to collect your ingredients and get baking!

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

3. Baby Vegan Cheesecakes

Vegan cheesecake sounds like an oxymoron, but it is possible to enjoy this creamy dessert while on a dairy-free diet! This seven-ingredient vegan cheesecake recipe may be the answer to all of your dairy-free dessert prayers. So, what’s the secret to making them so creamy? Ingredients like quick-juiced raw cashews, lemon juice, coconut oil, and full-fat coconut milk turn this cheesy and creamy treat into a dairy-free individual’s dream.

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

4. Dairy Free Kahlua Coffee Ice Cream

For those of you who miss ice cream more than you thought you would, this dairy free Kahlua coffee ice cream is here to save you from all of your troubles. Because alcohol and sugar do not freeze, this Kahlua coffee ice cream is able to achieve a true creamy consistency without the help of dairy. What gives this ice cream its coffee taste is espresso coffee and dairy free coffee flavored liqueur. It’s a dairy-free coffee lovers dream!

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

5. Double-Chocolate Mousse

Yes, it is possible to enjoy this creamy dessert without fear of breaking your dairy-free diet! So, what’s the secret to this dairy free and egg free 3-ingredient chocolate mousse? Full-fat coconut cream or coconut milk! That’s it! Mix your coconut goodness together with some sweetener and unsweetened cocoa powder, follow the simple recipe, and you are good to go! Plus, you can top your dairy-free treat with even more dairy free chocolate goodness for an even richer dessert.

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Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

6. Vegan Lemon Bars

Did you think that you would never be able to enjoy these tiny squares of tangy goodness ever again? Good news! Now you can with this vegan lemon bar recipe! The recipe gives helpful tips in regards to how bright you want your lemon bars to appear and just how sweet you would like them to be. Once again, the secret to these dairy free, creamy lemon bars is full fat coconut milk, so stock up and prepare to bake away!

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

7. Dairy Free Whipped Cream

Was whipped cream your hardest goodbye? Well, it’s time for you to meet again! This dairy free whipped cream recipe is here to solve all of your whipped cream struggles. Plop a spoonful on top of your dairy-free pancakes in the morning, scoop some onto your dairy-free ice cream, or eat it straight out of the bowl! Whatever you choose, your whipped cream is back and ready for you to enjoy.

Tasty Dairy Free Desserts For You To Try

What are some of your favorite dairy-free desserts? Share them down below!

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