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10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

Healthy dessert recipes don’t have to be bland or inedible to be a tasty treat that has low calories. By substituting sugar or butter for other alternatives, you can easily decrease the calorie count or make it sugar-free without destroying the flavor or breaking your budget. If you’re one to have a big sweet tooth but don’t want to stray from your diet, then try out these 10 tasty and healthy dessert recipes.

1. Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie

This healthy dessert recipe shows how to make a low carb, sugar-free paleo pumpkin pie. For being gluten and dairy-free this pie is very tasty and has only 200 calories! A key element to this recipe is the low carb paleo almond flour pie crust. It’s gluten-free and low carbs make it a great base for this healthy dessert recipe. To keep the pie sweet while staying sugar-free, the recipe calls for monk fruit sweetener. This is essentially a zero-calorie sugar alternative that is much sweeter than sugar and even has some antioxidant properties. The pie should only take about an hour total, not counting the time to prepare the delicious crust, and will give you a very tasty dessert that’s paleo-friendly, gluten/dairy-free, and low carb.

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

2. Lemony Yogurt Pound Cake

This lemony yogurt pound cake recipe does a great job in making a tasty treat that’s full of fiber and protein. By using olive oil and Greek yogurt instead of butter this healthy dessert recipe adds protein, removes the fats and calories from butter, and still maintains a classic pound cake texture. Using egg whites also helps reduce the total calories, fat, and cholesterol of the pound cake. Using whole-wheat flour gives it lots of fiber as well. The lemon zest gives the dessert a lemony zing with some great health benefits like vitamin C and antioxidants but without adding hardly any calories! 

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

3. Red Velvet Fudge

Now it would be pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t love regular fudge. But what this creative innovator has done is create a healthy dessert recipe for low carb, vegan, and sugar-free red velvet fudge! You combine the cashews and almond milk with the roasted beet puree, which is what adds to the red velvet color as well as gives the dessert the many health benefits of beets! The recipe uses unsweetened natural cocoa powder for a slight chocolate taste without a bunch of added calories or sugar. You’ve got to try this healthy dessert recipe for fudge that is not only sugar-free but has a vegetable in it as well!

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

4. Mini Cinnamon Roll Cheesecakes

These mini cinnamon roll cheesecakes make perfect tasty treats with great portion control. They’re keto-friendly and low carb while also having a very sweet taste and a firm but creamy texture. Being sugar-free and low carb but still having a sweet, cinnamon flavor makes these mini cinnamon roll cheesecakes a healthy dessert recipe you need to try. 

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

5. Hearty Oat Cookies

Here’s a healthy dessert recipe for some hearty oat cookies! Using oats, nuts, and dried fruit you’ll get a batch of cookies that are full of nutrients as well as great flavors! It’s a relatively quick recipe that should take no more than 30 minutes to prepare and cook so you can enjoy this tasty dessert in no time.

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

6. Crunchy Peanut Butter Thins

If you’re a lover of peanut butter and chocolate then this is the healthy dessert recipe for you. These crunchy peanut butter thins give you a light but flavor-filled treat that’s so good you’ll need to pace yourself from eating them all in one go. They’re easy to make and should only take you about 40 minutes to whip them up and then 10 to devour them. Or if you have the willpower, throw them in the freezer and enjoy them more leisurely over time.

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

7. Strawberry Ice Cream

Making your own ice cream is actually really easy and so whipping up this healthy dessert recipe is cheap and takes little time at all. You only need around five ingredients including frozen strawberries, Greek yogurt, sugar, vanilla extract, and fresh strawberries for garnish. The main piece of equipment that you’ll need for this recipe is a food processor with a knife blade attachment for pureeing the frozen strawberries and such. Otherwise, you’ll basically use the food processor to puree everything together then stir it and freeze for about an hour. The recipe states some freezers may have different temperatures and such so it’s recommended to check on your ice cream after an hour to see if it needs more time to reach an acceptable texture. Don’t miss out on this easy and tasty healthy dessert recipe!

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8. Fudgy Nutella Protein Bars

This no-bake, tasty dessert has all the sweet, chocolatey flavors from Nutella while staying sugar, gluten, and dairy-free as well as vegan. This healthy dessert recipe for Nutella fudge protein bars is easy to make and packed with around 16 grams of protein per bar! The recipe uses chocolate brown rice protein powder and warns against using whey/egg/casein protein as that will make the mixture gooey instead of solid. You can keep extras in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for a couple of months!

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

9. Greek Yogurt Fruit Tart

This delicious greek yogurt fruit tart can either be a healthy dessert recipe or a great breakfast treat. It’s very well-balanced with its two-ingredient, gluten-free crust filled with protein-packed Greek yogurt and tons of fruit! The delicious crust is made simply of Medjool dates and cashews blended up in a food processor then pressed into a pan that’s covered with parchment paper. Don’t forget to soak the dates in warm water for 10 minutes so they’re soft enough to be blended up. After pressing the crust you’ll fill with the Greek yogurt then top with whatever fruits you prefer. Now you’ve got a tasty and healthy treat you can enjoy for dessert or really any time you want!

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10. Banana Cookies

Here are some delicious banana cookies that are vegan, gluten and sugar-free, and tasty! This healthy dessert recipe is super simple with just two ingredients to give you some delicious cookies that can be eaten for dessert or even breakfast. You mash up your bananas in a bowl and fold in your gluten-free oats. There are some optional ingredients you could throw in for extra taste like walnuts, peanut butter, or cinnamon, but it’s not necessary. Then you bake your cookies for about 15 minutes and you have a hearty cookie with no sugar or gluten but plenty of flavor and crunch! This is one of our favorite healthy dessert recipes!

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try

10 Tasty and Healthy Dessert Recipes You Have To Try
Have any other tasty and healthy dessert recipes that you love? Share them in the comments below!

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