5 Tasty And Cheap Almond Butter Brands You Need To Try

Looking for cheap almond butter. Here are the top 5 best cheap almond butters to invest in. Wild Friends Almond Butter and Barney Butter is to die for!

Like all things in life, trends come and go; even in the food industry. There’s been the ever so popular avocado toast, partaking in juice cleanses, “unicorn” food (whatever that fucking means cause I don’t see how rainbow means unicorn), and adding coconut oil to a range of different things. Another hot food trend right now? Almond butter. What’s better? Cheap almond butter. Here is your list to the tastiest almond butter brands on the market.

1. Trader Joe’s Creamy Salted Almond Butter

If you are really a health guru, go for the raw unsalted almond butter; your regular peanut butters are salted. This epic almond butter is $7.99 and matches well with celery sticks thanks to its creamy texture.

Trader Joes Almond Butter

2. Wild Friends Natural Almond Butter, Vanilla Espresso

Admit it – just reading the title makes you want it. This almond butter is not only dairy, GMO and yeast free but doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. Two college students came up with the idea when they swirled their freshly roasted almond butter with espresso and pure vanilla. You could say they got hooked since it’s now the perfect morning blend. This almond butter is perfect for throwing into morning smoothies or a post-workout shake. It may be $12.99 but it’ll last you a lifetime. Unlike peanut butter, you aren’t just spooning this stuff out. Promise it’s worth it.

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3. Justin’s Almond Butter

You’ve definitely tried this almond butter. Justin’s is sold practically everywhere nowadays and comes in a variety of different flavors. This cheap almond butter is smooth, natural and requires no refrigeration after opening. Insane right?! You can either buy Justin’s nut butter in single serving packets for under $2 or a 16 oz jar for $13.99. The honey almond butter is a winner. Dip banana chips in that sucker, or just buy the Justin’s banana chip and almond butter pack.

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4. 365 Almond Butter

Low-key, Whole Foods has some seriously great products on their 365 brand. 365 almond butter is the best they’ve got to offer. If you love nutty flavors and creamy spreadable peanut butter, this almond butter will suffice. You can drizzle apples or bananas with this bad boy. Makes for a filling snack. Bare with me when I say a 16oz jar is $18. Promise you this is the most expensive and there are certainly other alternatives to this almond butter craze; it is good though.

Image result for 365 Almond Butter

5. Barney Almond Butter

This one is no joke. Made from Premium California Almonds, this all natural almond butter might just be the best one out there. It’s even made in a peanut-free facility so you don’t need to worry about any peanut allergies. The flavor is rich and it’s a cheap almond butter brand. Plus the packaging is fun to look at. The consistency of the smooth almond butter is exactly the same as peanut butter. Huge bonus! Barney Almond Butter comes in at wopping $6.98. Did I mention it comes in 4 fucking awesome flavors, one of them being vanilla espresso (sneaky).

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