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5 Tastiest Hot Cheeto Recipes To Try ASAP

5 Tastiest Hot Cheeto Recipes To Try ASAP

5 Tastiest Hot Cheeto Recipes To Try ASAP

Shout out to all the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto lovers out there that can’t get enough of those spicy cheesy chips. There is nothing more satisfying than semi-permanently dying your fingertips red, burning tongues and the beads of sweat running down your forehead. These five unique Hot Cheeto recipes will still satisfy that spicy and crunchy craving while also enjoying some of your favorite foods.

1. Hot Cheeto Cheese Fries

It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t enjoy a plate full of hot and gooey cheese fries. Most cheese fries already have a touch of spiciness from the jalapeño cheese sauce coating the salty slices of fried potato. Ground up Hot Cheetos add another level of spice and crunch to the cheese fries that is the epitome of a guilty pleasure snack. Try these Hot Cheeto cheese fries with some tender carne asada and chopped onions for a filling and delicious meal.

2. Hot Cheeto Coated Mozzarella Sticks

For a while, Hot Cheeto coated mozzarella sticks were blowing up all over social media. Hot Cheeto lovers couldn’t wait to marry melty mozzarella cheese and fried Hot Cheetos together. This snack has a satisfying cheese pull and that infamous spicy crunch. These mozzarella sticks still pair well with ranch and marinara dipping sauce. I would recommend trying a hot cheese sauce for dipping. It may seem a bit overboard on the cheese but that’s a problem we all want to have. Pro-Tip: Squeeze some fresh limes over the mozzarella sticks before devouring them, it adds the perfect amount of acidity to the very heavy dish.


3. Hot Cheeto Elote

Elote has recently become popular in American for its creamy and sweet flavors. The corn bursts in your mouth while the creamy sour cream or mayonnaise caresses your tongue. The only real ingredient missing from this dish is spice and that’s where the crushed up Hot Cheetos take the stage. This dish is a perfect balance of spicy, creamy and sweet. It is very likely that you will get addicted to this tasty traditional Mexican dish ASAP.

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4. Hot Cheeto Topped Mac n Cheese

Nothing beats the comfort food feeling of Mac n Cheese. Another creamy and cheesy dish that is enhanced with the helping hand of a light dusting of crunchy Hot Cheetos. Mac n Cheese is already a perfect meal but there is always room for improvement. The existing texture is very soft, the noodles and cheese sort of blend together. By adding a different crunchy texture this will take the dish to another level. Think of this meal as the adult version of Mac n Cheese you never knew you needed.


5. Hot Cheeto Topped Sushi Roll

Sushi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re a sushi fanatic this Hot Cheeto Topped Sushi Roll is the one for you. No more searching for the best roll at every sushi joint, once you’ve tasted a Hot Cheeto sushi roll your life will forever be changed. The softness of the rice and freshness of the fish inside just compliments crushed up Hot Cheetos so well. The flavor is slight, but it definitely packs quite the punch. If you’re not a raw fish fan, try crunching up some Hot Cheetos and mixing them in with a bowl of sushi rice and shredded seaweed. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this tasty Hot Cheeto recipe.

Hot Cheetos aren’t a just a phase that you were going through when you were growing up. These spicy chips are here to stay. Hot Cheetos are so versatile and constantly make major crossover moves. Make sure you try these five unique and tasty Hot Cheeto recipes ASAP. If you have tried any other delicious Hot Cheeto recipes comment them down below!

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