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7 Tastiest Chicago Burgers You Must Get A Bite Of

7 Tastiest Chicago Burgers You Must Get A Bite Of

7 Tastiest Chicago Burgers You Must Get A Bite Of

The bliss of biting into a meaty, juicy burger does not compare for Chicagoans. With restaurants all around the city, it’s sometimes hard to pin-down the best places to go to for your burger cravings.

But, don’t get han-gry! Bring your friends and family along in this journey through the list of the top 7 tastiest Chicago burgers you must get a bite of!

1. Au Cheval

Hands-down this is the best burger in Chicago—your tastebuds will thank you. Prime beef, melted cheese, egg, pickles, sauce, slices of bacon… I mean, how much better can it get? Be prepared to wait long hours before you can grab a bite of their all-famous burger at this restaurant. But, I guarantee that its going to be completely worth the wait getting a seat at Au Cheval.


2. Tavern on Rush

Located in the Gold Coast area, the Tavern Prime Burger will make you feel like you’re in heaven. Its a guarantee that your mouth will water as soon as your server brings this burger out. Order this burger medium-rare to get the full experience and once you bite into it, you will surely want to come back to this place EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

3. Small Cheval

Want the taste of Au Cheval, but don’t want to have to wait several hours to grab a bite? Then, hop-on into Small Cheval! With their ‘retro-style’ restaurant, this place will fill your palette with meaty- goodness. When it hits your stomach, you will truly know what happiness feels like—sink your teeth into the classic bun, pickles, sauce, cheese, prime beef, and fall in love.


4. Umami

At Umami, you will savor every single mouth-full of the burgers they have to offer . This place brings a twist to your taste buds, while even offering their famous meat-less burger–the Impossible Burger with its signature ‘U’ pasted on the bun! Not only are their burgers to die for, but add a side-kick of fries for crispy deliciousness.

5. DMK Burger Bar

Enter into the doors of DMK Burger Bar and feel the youth full air of excitement—this is definitely not a place to take a sleeping baby to! But, its a great place to have a couple of drinks with your friends or family and laugh as loud as you’d like. Offering grass-fed patties to all-natural turkey burgers, their burgers are a must-have classic.

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But, have your patience ready because its also going to be a long wait during weekends to grab a bite out of one of their classics.


6. The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria

Introducing the ultimate cheesy and meaty finger-licking burger—the Badger Burger. Not only does this place offer a burger filled with Mac-n-Cheese, but they also offer burgers filled with fries, barbecue pork, pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza sauce and so much more! Prepare to have a relaxed, laid- back time at The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria.

7.Butcher and The Burger

Brace yourselves— your bound to break your diet with this one and roll yourself out when you finish eating it. The Butcher and The Burger offers a once in a lifetime joyful experience with a burger that contains double the cheese, meat, and double the everything! While you’re at it, double the amount of stomach room you have too! When you dine here, throw away all the formality and just loosen up in this environment with your family and friends.

Did your favorite #Chicago burger not make it into this list? Comment below and share with your friends where you recommend going to for a guaranteed mouth-watering experience.

Also, don’t forget to just set your diet aside for a second and try these Chicago burgers out! You will not regret it!

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