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10 Target Shopping Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

10 Target Shopping Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

Check out these Target shopping tips if you're looking to save money on clearance items, or just in general! These budget friendly options are great for college students, and adults alike!

Target is the holy grail of shopping stores. You can find everything that you need and don’t need at Target. Even when you’re going to Target for one thing, it’s impossible to leave without numerous items that you necessarily didn’t really need, but decided to buy anyway. But did you guys know there are hacks and Target shopping tips? No? Let’s get started to save you a ton of money!

1. Marked Down Prices

For those of you who did not know, prices that end in an 8 or 6 means that it will get marked down again! For example, if a clearance item was labeled at $9.98, it will get marked down in a few days or so! The lowest amount it can go is if it ends with a 4, so if a clearance item is $4.44, this is the lowest amount that it can go. Save yourself some money and wait for the price to go even lower!

2. Price Check

Related to marked down prices, if you bought an item for full price and it was marked down within 14 days, you’ll be able to price check it! So bring in your receipt and the item to save yourself a few bucks! Who wants to pay full price for anything anyway? However, these prices have to be originally full priced first and go on sale in order for you to be able to price check!


3. Combining Coupons

Target allows you to use its coupons along with coupons you’ve found on the internet! So if you printed out a general coupon for Target and then had an actual Target coupon, you can combine the two to save even more money! Definitely one of the best Target shopping tips!

4. Schedule your shopping days

Did you know that each day is dedicated for a specific department? That’s right! School supplies go on sale a different day from apparel! Do your research and figure out what you need and then plan ahead for your shopping days!



5. Coupon Texts

Related to coupons, you can actually get Target shopping tips by having them direct text you with coupon codes! You can use these codes online or even in person! Save yourself a few dollars and sign up to Target to get coupons texted to you!

6. Holiday Deals

Everybody knows that holiday items go on sale AFTER the holiday. Don’t just wait a day – wait about a week or two for the best discounts ever! Try waiting 2-3 weeks and you may get to purchase items for 70% off! That’s such a huge steal!

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7. Cash back

Did you know that you can get cash back if you use Ebates? If you don’t like to shop in person, shop online through Ebates. You can shop all the latest deals and discounts while getting money back all because you’re shopping through Ebates! Get paid to go shopping!

8. Follow Target + Subscribe to them

If you are signed up for their email listing or follow Target on social media accounts, they sometimes post about sales and deals going on. Plan your visit ahead of time so that you can shop all of the amazing sales and deals!

9. X for X amount

We’ve all seen those, “Buy 2 for $20” promotions and then, the regular price would be $35.89. Well, did you know you don’t need to buy two to get the sale price? We’ve all been lied to! All you have to do is purchase one item and then you’ll get it for the sale price. And if it doesn’t ring up, you let the cashier know that it’s a sale item and they’ll price check it for you. Amazing, right?


10. Price Cuts

Pay attention to prices marked in yellow tags because those deals are temporary! They will go back up to regular price in a week or two. Shop those deals now or miss out on them forever!

Did you like these Target shopping tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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