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10 Target Office Supplies That’ll Make You Like Studying

When you first applied to college, you probably figured that you’d spend a lot f time in the campus library, studying your heart out. But you probably didn’t think that your school and office supplies mattered just as much as they did in High School, and most likely gave little to no thought about getting some of the cutest ones out there. If you go to any university (or community college for that matter), chances are you’ve got a Target store within walking distance, stocked with tons of cute office supplies (might as well get an Icee while you’re there). Here are our top picks for target office supplies that’ll actually make you like studying. 

1. Watercolor Hardcover Academic Planner

With your block schedule, extracurriculars, and possibly internships to juggle this semester, keeping an organized schedule is more important than ever. For ten bucks, you could give your high school notebook planner a sophisticated upgrade with this multicolor version. This notebook will last you until June 2020 (just about when the study grind is over), and just because the semester’s already started doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself. The  8 x 10 pages feature a monthly overview (with fates of the months in blocks) along with larger sections for daily events and possible schedule changes. The watercolor strokes and gold “2019-2020” printing in the front are sure to brighten up your day whenever you get it out of your Jansport

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2. 5 Subject Ruled Notebook

Like most college students, you’re likely taking on five rigorous classes per semester. This five-subject divided notebook will save you both time and space, keeping all your class notes in one place. This particular model contains 180 college-ruled pages, so you can be sure you won’t run out of space for extra Pride and Prejudice insights (or just some old-fashioned doodling). What’s more is that each section is divided by label-able tags, so you won’t mistake your Chem 101 notes for your Phil 101 notes, even on your groggiest mornings. You can get this one in an aqua or petal pink to go along with your gorgeous new planner. Who said that style and function couldn’t co-exist? 

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3. Muticolor InkJoy Pens

Nothing’s more boring in class (or outside of class) than writing out your thoughts with a humdrum pen. These Paper Mate InkJoy are not only affordable (you can get 8 of these for $4!), but they’re super free-flowing and pretty. This pack comes with a turquoise, blue, red, black, purple, turquoise, green, and orange pen, all great for anything you might need. You’d be shocked to see just how much a difference new pens and some better handwriting with your study habits. Pro tip: try labeling different parts of your notes (such as biographies of certain chemists or the professor’s opinions on certain concepts) by color, and then filling in the information with a single solid color, such as blue or black.  

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4. Faux Leather Pencil Case

When looking though the many available target office supplies, we stumbled upon this classy pencil case (including six white wooden pencils). This faux-leather model not only is fit for a modern-day Edgar Allen Poe, but prevents your pencils from becoming dull when you’re not using them. Perfect for sketching or just bringing around a few high-quality pens to study with, and definitely won’t go out of style by the time your senior year comes around. 

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5. Water-Resistant Backpack

When it comes to college backpacks, it’s crucial to invest in something that’ll last. This Weatherproof  dusty yellow backpack is both durable and stylish, with its Herschel-esque faux leather square on the front and its classic design. The thick steps ensure that this backpack won’t slip off your shoulders when you’re running to class, and the water-resistance means that you can get caught in a little rain and know that your laptop (up to 17 inches) is still okay. The best part? You won’t have to take out a separate student loan for this backpack, as it’s only 45 dollars. These Target office supplies never disappoint, do they? 

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6. 12-Pack of Fun Post-it Notes

Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves of our priorities, right? And what better, brighter way to do it than with these pretty post-it notes? This pack contains 12 packs of 25 sheets each, featuring bright green, turquoise, periwinkle, and dusty robin’s egg blue sets. While your notes are sure to stay put after your write them (such as “do bio homework”, or “recommend target office supplies to friends”), the rounded corners make for easy and clean removal, so you won’t be fined for any property damage on the school desks. If you’re super detail-oriented, try using each color to represent a certain kind of task, such as: review, projects, presentations, and writing assignments. We dare you to try ignoring these bright little notes while binging The Good Doctor. Some of your many social plans may have to be postponed, but your GPA will thank you! 

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7. 6-Pack of Donut Erasers

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean your supplies have to be boring. These whimsical donut erasers are adorable, durable, and make a nice for a nice contrast with more grown-up supplies given  (such as the aforementioned watercolor planner and faux leather pencil bag). You can get this generous package (with matching pink striped packaging) for 3 bucks, so you’l still have cash to grab a smoothie with a friend before your all-nighter. Not to mention, since this product is under Target’s Yoobi line, the same item will be given to a child in the U.S. in need. Let’s make studying sweet again!

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8. Pink Pineapple Binder

Hey, some people (or professors) just prefer loose-leaf paper. Keep all of it in this 1″ pink binder with golden pineapples and a pink-striped interior. If nothing else, this one will keep you motivated to graduate, get a job, and make enough money to go on a tropical vacation of your own (maybe?). 

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9. Aqua Pencil Sharpener

Another winning item from the philanthropic brand Yoobi, this traditional pencil sharpener is perfect for your Ticonderoga (or generic, if you rather) wooden pencils. This handy little tool comes in aqua or blue, and contains two holes for sharpening both jumbo and standard pencils. Sometimes, with Target office supplies, standard models reign supreme. 

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10. Snap Closure Portfolios

Sometimes, you need a place to protect your hard-earned grades or your graded assignments. These Pendaflex folders open and close with a single snap, keeping dirt and debris away from your masterpieces. This 3-pack contains a black, blue, and bright magenta folder each. 

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Which Target office supplies are you going to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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