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Target Just Dropped Their Hyde And EEK Boutique Online And The Costumes Are On Fleek

Target Just Dropped Their Hyde And EEK Boutique Online And The Costumes Are On Fleek

With Halloween just around the corner, Target has officially opened their Hyde and EEK Boutique online, stocked and ready for all your creepy, cutesy, ghoulish needs. The Hyde and EEK Boutique has costumes for almost anything you could imagine, and they’re all reasonably priced too. Hop online now and check out some of these great Halloween outfit recommendations that are sure to make you a star attraction.

1. The Incredibles

There has been a resurgence in popularity with The Incredibles, especially after the release of The Incredibles 2 in 2018. This set of Target costumes will have you geared up to run out and fight crime along with your super-powered friends and family. The costumes are made of 100% polyester and along with a full jumpsuit are accessories inclusive of a detachable belt, and mask.

Featuring outfits for every member of the superpowered Parr family, dress up as the intelligent and flexible Elastigirl, or the shy yet incredibly powerful invisible girl, Violet. The world had better watch out with this super-powered family in town, and villains better hope they don’t get caught because The Incredibles won’t let crime go unstopped under their watch.

Shop the costume:

Men's The Incredibles Mr. Incredible Classic Muscle Halloween Costume - image 1 of 1

2. Belle

Part of the Disney princess costume collection, put yourself in the shoes of this brave woman and let the gown transform you as you bring Belle to life straight from France. Belle’s costume set come with her signature blue dress and bow, so head off on adventures with your book in hand as you set out to rescue your father and find your Beast.

Shop the costume:

Beauty and the Beast Belle Women's Costume - image 1 of 1

3. Maleficent

Channel your inner villain (or anti-hero depending on the movie) with this wicked costume of Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil. Slip-on your horns and cast magic as you please, this costume comes with a black dress and headpiece, the perfect ensemble for a powerful sorceress. Note that the costume does not magically grow, therefore it is not advisable to perform any human to dragon transformations while outfitted, and any magic scepter must be acquired separately.

Shop the costume:

Women's Maleficent Black Gown Halloween Costume - image 1 of 1

4. Moana

Call upon the ocean in this Polynesian Princess, sorry, chieftain’s daughter outfit. Bring a touch of island magic to your next Halloween party and set off on your journey to restore the heart of Te Fiti. All you need now is a chicken named Hei Hei and a friend to journey with you as Maui! Demigod of the wind and sky! To complete the look, buy a Moana wig and forgo the shoes for a natural barefoot look (and if you must, flip flops will work too).

Shop the costume:

Moana Women's Deluxe Halloween Costume - Disguise - image 1 of 1

5. Egyptian Goddess

This goddess was made to be worshipped. Show these mortals why you stand supreme with this breathtaking black dress, beaded collar, elegant drape, and iconic headpiece. You’ll have monuments being dedicated to you before the night is over. Remember you were meant to have it all, after all, why else would a divine being like you exist?

Shop the costume:

Women's Egyptian Goddess Costume - image 1 of 1

6. Deadly Ninja

Move through the night, swift and silent, a deadly force from within the blended shadows in this eye-catching (when seen) costume. Outfitted with a black jumpsuit, red sash, arm warmers, face mask, and leg wraps, you’ll be ready to take on any mission that’s thrown your way. You are an assassin and a warrior of the night, and by the time you’re done the only traces of your presence will be the tales of a silhouette on the high rise of a building backed by the silver light of the Halloween moon.

Shop the costume:

Target Just Dropped Their Hyde And EEK Boutique Online And The Costumes Are On Fleek

7. Harry Potter Wear

Demonstrate your House pride with the Target Hyde and EEK boutiques wide variety of Harry Potter costume pieces. Deck yourself out in Gryffindor crimson and gold or go completely green and silver for you and your fellow Slytherins. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw won’t be left on the sidelines however, as there are plenty of items such as socks, skirts, and T-shirts to choose from at the online boutique.

As a reminder from Headmistress McGonagall however, remember all underage magic is forbidden and any performance of magic in the presence of muggles is a crime punishable by immediate expulsion from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry due to violation of the Statute of Secrecy.

Shop the costume:

Harry Potter Men's Deluxe Standard Costume One Size - image 1 of 1

8. Renaissance Lady

Kings, knights, and princesses alike will be fighting each other for your hand in this elegant desirable dress. Fit for a queen, you will rule any area you walk into wearing these dramatic purple tones. The draped sleeves and laced bodice with gold accents only further the glamorous look, all you need now is a knight and dragon and the set will be complete!

Unfortunately, dragons are not for sale at Target’s Hyde and EEK boutique, but if you have a friend as perhaps, Maleficent, they would be willing to lend a claw… er, hand?

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Shop the costume:

Women's Renaissance Lady Costume - image 1 of 1

9. Flapper Costume

Bring back the roaring 20s in this black flapper dress that’s sure to be the bee’s knees. Celebrate the decadence of high society and culture and move with the carefree spirit influence of jazz music of the times. You’ll be sure to catch the eye of a sheik and dance the night away at a ritzy party of your dreams. Just try not to get caught up in a murder mystery while you’re at it.

Shop the costume:

Women's Flapper Basic Dress Costume Black - image 1 of 1

10. Catwoman

Cat burglar, villainess, and the only woman to successfully steal playboy billionaire and bat-themed vigilante Bruce Wayne’s heart. If you’re looking for a strong kickass woman, Catwoman is certainly high up there on the list. This pretty kitty is not only beautiful but dangerous too, she’s got claws and she’s not afraid to use them.

This sleek black suite is purrrfect for showing off that feline charm. Get out there and steal some hearts, and maybe a few wallets while you’re at it. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? It’s survival.

Shop the costume:

Target Just Dropped Their Hyde And EEK Boutique Online And The Costumes Are On Fleek

11. Jack Skellington

The king of Halloween is now the queen. Show off why you rule Halloween town with this sharp fitting suit jacket and pants and strut your stuff as the one and only pumpkin queen. Spread around the Halloween spirit with spooky tricks and tasty treats, it’s your holiday so make it go your way!

Shop the costume:

Target Just Dropped Their Hyde And EEK Boutique Online And The Costumes Are On Fleek

Which costume do you like best from this fabulous Target boutique? Leave a comment down below!

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