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Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

It’s that time of the week! Date night! Boston is a great place to explore because it has so much variety to offer! Which is ideal because we love to switch it up. One day we like high brow and black tie, the next we want greasy and fast in a 5 year old t-shirt. (Don’t judge us.)

If you live in Boston or are looking for a great restaurant to take a date while you visit then this list is for you! We’ve got a good mix going on with all the information you need for your night out. We’ll talk price, attire, pros and cons, and level of romance. The levels of romance will be from 1-5. 1 being not romantic at all and 5 being extra romantic.

Thorntons Fenway Grille 

Thornton’s Fenway Grille gets the low score of 1 when talking about levels of romance. Although, it lacks in romance, This restaurant makes up for it in other ways. Thornton’s is a very casual bar/restaurant that serves all American food. A t-shirt and jeans is as classy as it gets as it’s mostly filled up by college students. If you and your date are into no fuss food, this is a place you’ll both love to frequent. What makes this place super attractive to everyone else is the special they hold on Thursday nights. A huge line forms out of the door for a seat (hopefully outside if it’s a beautiful day) that promises 25 cent wings and $5 margaritas. It’s the best choice if you like your belly and wallet full or if you’re coming from a Red Sox game. 

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

Fire & Ice

We’re partial to this restaurant because it takes us back to our college days. Fire & Ice is a buffet where you collect your ingredients and chefs cook it on a hot stone. There’s fire and smoke so you can guess where they got the idea for their name from. Since it’s a buffet it’s a bit obvious to say that its a casual place. It scores a 1 out of 5 for levels of romance. The food is delicious and we’re suckers for customising our plates which is why we love this place! There’s a variety of sides, veggies, sauces, and spices. The ability to customise is perfect if you’re a vegetarian but your date isn’t. The food is consistently good and the ingredients are fresh. Go for dinner and pay about $22 per adult or go for lunch and spend just $13. 

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

Post 390 (valentines day)

This Boston restaurant gets a 5 on the romantic scale. It has a beautiful layout with big glass windows as walls. You might think that the big open windows may leave you feeling exposed but the interior is very cozy. The dim lighting and fireplace make it an intimate space to bring only the closest friends and loved ones. Since this restaurant is more upscale, we suggest showing up in business casual attire. The food is expensive but appropriately priced. Everything on the menu is good and the food is fresh from the farm. When you go, definitely try the cocktails! Post 390’s chefs have a knack for putting interesting, unique, and delicious food and drink combinations together. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to recreate your food at home but it’ll never taste as good. 

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

Gyu Kaku

Is there anything that Boston doesn’t have? If you’ve never heard of Japanese BBQ, firstly, you need to go try it. Secondly, Japanese BBQ is an eating experience where you cook your food on a grill that’s embedded into the middle of the table. Most BBQ restaurants (whether it be Japanese, Korean, etc.) serve meats to grill like beef and certain seafoods. The food is good and the prices are cheap so you can definitely get full for a decent price. (Which is probably why it’s always so packed!) Gyu Kaku gets a 3.5 out of 5 on the romantic scale. There’s something romantic about cooking with your love. This is a great date idea because it involves dinner and an activity in one! The restaurant is pretty casual so feel free to show up in a sweater and your stretchy pants because, honey, you’re gonna need them. 

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

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The Beehive

This lovely hidden gem gets a 5 out of 5 on the romantic scale. The restaurant is decorated to look like a  jazz club from the 50s. There’s a bar, dim lighting, and a stage where performers play often! The food is good albeit a tad overpriced but the vibe is to die for. There’s balcony seating along with seating on the lower floor so that everyone has a good view of the entertainment. The performers are always exquisite. Feel free to get up and join other couples swaying to the music. The venue is pretty upscale so we suggest going business casual. Take your date the this Boston restaurant and you definitely won’t regret it.

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It


This next restaurant is a Boston favourite! Anyone who’s been to Boston or lives there will be quick to tell you about Lolita. Lolita can be easily missed because it’s in a basement but what’s not to be missed is the experience. The first thing you’ll notice about Lolita is that it is very dark. The restaurant has a Spanish gothic vibe to it with wrought iron fences doubling as table dividers and Dias de los Muertos skulls doubling as decor. We recommend dressing business casual. The next thing you’ll notice is how unique your eating experience is. You’ll be served an alcoholic grapefruit palate cleanser in between meals that is absolutely divine. At the end of your courses, they offer cotton candy to those who want it. The experience is fun and playful. The food is amazing. The portions are smaller and it can get a little pricey if you’re getting food and drinks but trust us, it is well worth it. 

Take Your Date To These Restaurants In Boston And You Won’t Regret It

Which Boston restaurant do you want to try the most? Let us know in the comments below. Let us know if we forgot any of your favorite spots in the city!

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