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15 Tailgating Tips for Kent Students

15 Tailgating Tips for Kent Students

The best thing about going to a big school are the football games. Whether you are a die-hard fan or don’t even understand the rules of the game, it is hard to complain. Even better than those home football games are the tailgates! No one can argue that the time spent before a football game makes some very unforgettable memories. Keep reading for the essential tailgating tips for Kent students for an awesome tailgate!




1. Freeze waterbottles and pack them in coolers instead of ice.

They can be used in place of ice in the cooler to keep all of the meat and drinks cold. After the game when you go back to the cooler, they’re melted for a nice refreshing drink! Simply place about six water bottles in the freezer overnight, pack them into the cooler, and enjoy!


2. Tie a helium-filled balloon to the front of your car so it is easier for your friends (and you) to find!

Now, this may sound silly at first, but you can keep it in the front of your car. If it is visible from the outside, it makes your car SO much easier to find. It lets others know you’re here to party! And, bonus, if it is a spirit balloon you can easily show team spirit before and after the game!


3. If you bring some Mason Jars, you will find a use for them.

They can be used as an environmentally friendly replacement for solo cups, a silverware and napkins holder, and even in the place of a bowl for some chili or dip. Better yet, use it as a veggie holder for some veggies and hummus!


4. Bring extra tattoos and face paint so everyone can rep Kent, even if they aren’t dressed in spirit.

To make sure that everyone at the party is equally as spirited, provide some fun spirit paints and temporary tattoos. They’re relatively cheap and will stay on for the whole game! You can represent Kent State both on, and off the field with paint and tattoos!



5. Decorate your cooler!

Up your tailgating game even more with a decorated cooler! Kent State colors are pretty easy to find, so simply buy a blue cooler, get some yellow puffy paint and stickers, and you’re golden! You can even decorate the top of the cooler to look like the football field!



5. Bring that hand sanitizer, TRUST us.

I carry it with me everywhere, but it is especially helpful when you are outside at an event! You can have it on the table with food so people can clean off before they eat. Since tailgates typically have finger foods, you want to make sure yours are clean!




6. Make some Jello shots!

As long as you are of age, jello shots are super easy and very portable! Make them in small plastic containers with lids so that you can throw them into a cooler. Also, they can very easily be used for some school spirit! Make both blue and yellow shots to represent the golden flashes!



7. No matter what for, a tailgate table is key.

Whether you are using it as a food station, or as a drink bar, it is perfect to take. Very easy to transfer in the back of a truck, and even easier to set up; a table is a must for any tailgate! Plus, you can put the coolers underneath so no one trips on them!



8. Delicious, crowd-pleasing food!

Well, obviously! To make sure that the Kent State Spirit is alive offer various blue and yellow foods! Offer both blue and yellow corn chips with salsa. Have some blue lemonade, simply drop a few drops of blue dye into it, and have some normal lemonade! Also, offer plenty of finger foods that people can snack on.

9. Make sure you have plenty of drinks (and some water)!

Have variety! You can have various sodas, beers, and plenty of water! The last thing you want at a tailgate is to have thirsty guests! Make sure you have plenty of water because depending on what time the tailgating starts, you never know how hot it can get.


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10. A grill with some burgers, dogs, chicken, steak…etc..

In order to have THE BEST tailgate, a grill is very essential. You can grill up some burgers, hot dogs, corn, whatever! Make sure to offer some variety just in case people are picky or there are any dietary restrictions.

11. Make the best chili the night before and bring it in a crockpot for everyone.

Make some chili or some sort of soup the night before so you will be prepared for the big day. Chili is probably the easiest to make a meal out of. Buy some little bags of Fritos and have some cheese, so people can make their own Frito pies. And offer a variety of toppings for an epic chili bar!




12. Don’t forget the bread!

This may sound ridiculous, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tailgated and not had bread. Get some hot dog and hamburger buns because they can be very versatile, and who doesn’t love a good bun! They’re not very expensive, so it won’t cut into the drink budget too much!



13. Bring some candy for a “Dessert Bar.” Everyone will love you.

Have some fruit, candy, whatever! Offer some sweet treats to satisfy anyone’s cravings. You can have a display of different types of candy all in line with the Flashes. Have some blue sour strips and airheads, or even M&M’s, lemonheads, and banana laffy taffy. Honestly, just offer some candy and people will be happy.



14. Trash bags.

Do NOT forget trash bags. Not only will the police enforce you to clean up after yourself, but it’s not OK to litter. So just bring trash bags, hang them to the car door handles, and be worry-free about cleaning up afterwards.

15. Yourself!

It may sound dumb, but GO TO TAILGATES!! Whether you are a sports fan or not, put yourself out there. It is the only way to meet new people, and who knows, you may even find that you really enjoy football games after tailgating.



What are some other awesome tailgating tips for Kent students? Comment below for our student readers and share this article with friends!

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