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Tailgating Accessories You Need For Game Day

The time of year has come for tailgating. Where scarfing down barbeque at 10AM is not something out of the ordinary and a parking lot transforms into your ideal Sunday location. Here are a few tailgating accessories you need for that big game day

1. Car Bar

This may require a bit of set-up at your first tailgate, but it will be your guaranteed tailgating accessory moving forward. Take a step outside of just piling beer cans into a plastic cooler and set up a real display. It will be an inviting talking point for others tailgating and it will make your drink decisions so much easier. Whether you want to enjoy a good soda, a stiff drink, or a combination of the two this car bar will be your favorite tailgating accessory for game day!

2. A Canopy

Nothing is going to ruin your tailgate quicker than burning rays of sunshine after the morning fog fades away. There are canopies available in various colors and decisions to showcase your team colors as well! This tailgating accessory is a must in order to keep your family in the shade and have lasting comfort all day long.

3. Games

Since tailgating usually begins way before kickoff, having games on hand can be the ultimate tailgating accessory for game day. It keeps children entertained when they become restless and it can be a source of entertainment once the drinks have started overflowing with the grown-up crowd. Whether you prefer a classic bag toss or portable horseshoe game, the possibilities are endless! A parking lot can be the perfect playground as long as you pack the right accessories.

4. Crock-Pot Triple Dipper

This picture alone should convince you to add this accessory to your next tailgate. It comes with a travel cover and it can put your slow cooker mini recipes on display. This is a step above the typical chips & dip that will surely force your guests to take notice. Your next tailgate will be a guaranteed success!

5. Tailgate Mat/Rug

Not only is this tailgating accessory another opportunity to express your love for the game and/or a specific team, it also provides a little touch of home. If you are like me and immediately take your shoes off when coming home, this rug will allow you to do so! There are few folks who want to place their socked feet on pavement, so this tailgate rug will give you a sense of plushy comfort.

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6. Car Beer Pong

Don’t have space for a typical beer pong table? No problem! This set-up will allow you to take full advantage of your truck/trunk space and keep the game going. Sometimes tailgating can get extremely crowded so any chances to save space should be taken advantage of. Choose a good teammate and keep this on your list of tailgating accessories.

7. Chair Cooler

Bringing your own chair to a tailgate is a standard rule. When you have multiple people attending, you begin to realize how much space these chairs actually occupy among all the other equipment. This chair cooler will allow you to store food and still have somewhere to sit! You can choose to indulge yourself with a monogram, but it is not a tailgating requirement.

8. The Ritas

From lime all the way to berry, a tailgating accessory must have are any version of The Ritas. Some days you don’t want to spend the afternoon with beer and this is a flavorful alternative. Be careful to not drink too many or you’ll miss the game!

Whatever tailgating accessories you prefer, make sure to pack ahead of time! What are your favorite tailgating accessories? Tell us in the comments!
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Rebecca was born in Hayward, CA and still resides there today. She received her BA in English Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and is the first in her family to graduate from university. She is a Poetry student in the MFA program at Saint Mary’s College of California and is furthering her involvement in the literary community. In her spare time, she likes to lose her voice at Giants games, read Young Adult novels, make lists, and aims to cross become a writer off it.

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