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The Ultimate Guide To Owning Your Walk Of Shame

The Ultimate Guide To Owning Your Walk Of Shame

Okay guys and girls, let’s break this down. We're in college, and most of us are in dorms. Unless you’re somewhere…

3 months ago

5 Necessities for a Classy Walk of Shame

Let’s start by being honest, we’ve all been there, or if we haven’t, it’s bound to happen. You wake up in…

1 year ago

What I Learned My First Time Getting Drunk

Like most people, I could say that the first time I got drunk I don’t really remember anything. But for…

7 years ago

10 Reasons A Walk Of Shame Is Actually A Stride of Pride

Let’s talk about the morning after, the day after your amazing night out when you had a certain kind of…

7 years ago

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Louisville

Where you live your freshman year of college can have a big impact on your experience. Whether it be traditional…

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