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6 Things To Do In Gainesville For Spring Break

6 Things To Do In Gainesville For Spring Break

There are times where you think that Gainesville can get pretty boring, or at least, not the ideal spring break…

9 months ago

The Pros And Cons Of A 2 Week Spring Break

Here at Connecticut College, many students are surprised when they discover we receive a full two weeks off of school…

9 months ago

A College Girl’s Guide To A Last Minute Spring Break Body

Spring break season is upon us, but is your spring break body? It happens to the best of us every…

6 years ago

10 Things You Actually Need To Pack for Spring Break

Okay, let’s face it, now that winter break is over there is only one thing on your mind. Yes, you…

7 years ago

How To Pack For Spring Break In A Carry On

Spring Break is by far the most anticipated break after winter vacation. Throughout the school year, friends and family will…

7 years ago

25 Halloween Movies You Need To Watch To Get Into The Season

No matter how much a scary movie scares me, I will always want the thrill of watching another one. These…

8 years ago