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Ultimate Guide to Freshman Dorms on SJU Campus

Ultimate Guide to Freshman Dorms on SJU Campus

If you’re reading this then you are almost definitely an incoming SJU resident student and that means you need the inside…

4 months ago

How To Show Your School Spirit At SJU Sporting Events

How do you show your school spirit at SJU sporting events!? Need some advice? Keep reading! Wear The School’s Colors…

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A Simple Guide To All The Buildings At SJU

Do you find yourself getting lost on campus at SJU? Don't worry! We've put together the ultimate guide to all…

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10 Most Underrated Places On Campus At SJU

Everyone knows the popular spots on campus, but how about the underrated places on campus at SJU? From "The Beach"…

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9 Places To Hookup On Campus at SJU

Welcome to college! You’re surrounded by new people and now have zero privacy because you probably share a room with…

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