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20 Reasons Why Washington Is the Best State

20 Reasons Why Washington Is the Best State

1. Seattle. The first and foremost reason why Washington is the best? It hosts the incredible city of Seattle. There is…

6 months ago

Top 15 Seattle Date Nights That Are Romantic AF

Despite being in the title of one of the most famous love stories of all time, Sleepless in Seattle, Seattle…

4 years ago

Top 5 Tourist Venues In Seattle

Seattle is home to many different tourist venues. Travellers stopping in the Emerald City will be treated to tasty food,…

4 years ago

5 Fun Non-Tourist Things To Do In Seattle

If you're planning a trip to Seattle as a newcomer, or maybe you're going back for more, consider these non-tourist…

4 years ago

20 Quotes You’ll Know If You Watch Friends

Many of us shared the same group of best friends while we were growing up. And their names were: Monica,…

7 years ago