Roommate Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe

Roommate Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe

They say there’s really no way to know someone until you live with them. For college students, this couldn’t be…

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How To Survive Freshman Year As An Introvert

If you were to ask anyone I met my freshman year of college (aside from the people that I actually…

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Ways To Bond With Your College Roommate

A new semester comes equipped with many new things for college students. Late night cram sessions, Ramen noodle dinners, and…

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10 Things Students Do But Will Never Admit

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Sharing a Dorm with Your High School Best Friend

Leaving for college is one of the most fun and exciting times of your life. You’re moving out of the…

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Getting Along With Your College Roommate

Getting along with your roommate in college is crucial, especially during freshman year when your roommate is typically the first…

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10 Ideas for an Awesome Girls’ Night In

Having a get together with all of your girlfriends is definitely fun! Sometimes, girls’ night out gets old and you…

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Common College Worries & How To Deal With Them

This guest post was provided by (more…)

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Netflix – Free Month Trial + $10.00 at Sign UP

The one essential for every college kid is having a Netflix account. It's a complete guilty pleasure that everyone will…

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Tips For Finding A Roommate Who Will Be Your Best Friend

Find a roommate who will be your best friend in college is always a scary and challenging task for incoming…

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