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10 Signs You Are A True One Direction Fan

10 Signs You Are A True One Direction Fan

Everyone grows up having some sort of dedication and obsession with a certain band. For my mom, it was Duran…

3 years ago

15 Things We Miss About One Direction

If you were one of the millions of screaming teenage girls infatuated with One Direction between their 2010 and 2016…

3 years ago

The Absolute Best Celebrity Pranks To Inspire You For April Fools’ Day

Celebrity pranks combine the thrills of an expertly planned joke, and your favourite A-listers being duped. It’s so funny to…

4 years ago

7 Memes You Will Recognize If You Used To Be A 1D Fan

Let’s take it back to the UK in 2009. An up and comping group of teenage boys were about to…

5 years ago

I Did Something Crazy for Zayn

So... I camped out to see Zayn Malik. People have this idea that New York is just a parade of crazy shenanigans…

7 years ago