Why Your “Likes” Do NOT Define You

Why Your “Likes” Do NOT Define You

As a young person, Pope Francis is one of my favorite people in a list that includes others like Beyoncé…

5 months ago

When He Likes You More Than You Like Him

Everybody has probably heard the phrase “playing hard to get is the way to win a person’s heart over,” but…

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5 Tips for a Successful Instagram Post

  Everyone loves to see that little orange heart appear at the bottom of their Instagram. The more likes the…

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iPad Giveaway at 40,000 Facebook Fans!!!

Enter the new iPad giveaway!! Help us reach 40,000 [sr] fans on our Facebook Page and we will give away a new…

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Ways To Up Your Instagram Game While Barely Trying

You're posting all of the pictures that you like, but you're not getting as many likes or followers as you…

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