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Ultimate Guide to Downtown Kent

Ultimate Guide to Downtown Kent

If you're tired of eating the same food every day in the dining halls and walking the same sidewalk to…

5 days ago

10 Tips For Halloween Weekend At Kent State

The rumors are true, freshmen. Halloween weekend at Kent State is the most talked about weekend for a reason! With…

1 week ago

10 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Start at Kent State

It’s just about time for us all to say goodbye to the only life we’ve ever known, and begin a…

1 month ago

20 Etsy Products to Show Your Kent State Pride

So, you want to show your love for Kent State, but all of the items in the bookstore aren’t doing…

2 months ago

6 Ways To Party at Kent When You’re Not 21

Being the baby of your class/friend group has its pros and cons… but mostly cons when it comes to the…

8 years ago