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7 Tips For A Journalism Major At SJU

7 Tips For A Journalism Major At SJU

The craft of journalism can be demanding and technical, but writing a good story and being an in-the-know, young journalist…

3 months ago

12 Telltale Signs That You’re A Journalism Major

Journalism majors are some of the most intelligent and driven students. They are often required to take a variety of…

6 years ago

A Day In The Life Of A Journalism And Fashion Media Student At Kent State

Kent State is best known for their fashion school. In fact, it’s ranked third in the entire country. It won’t…

8 years ago

10 Signs You’re A Journalism Major At Kent State

In high school, you wrote for your school’s newspaper, ran operations or anchored for the morning announcements. Maybe, you always…

8 years ago