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5 Fall Road Trips In Indiana

5 Fall Road Trips In Indiana

If you're a student at IWU, you know that while Marion, Indiana is a small city, there are lots of big…

2 weeks ago

10 Cute Date Ideas to Try Around IWU

Who says there is nothing to do in Marion, Indiana?? There is always something to be done if you know…

2 months ago

20 Reasons Visiting Indiana Should 100% Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Looking for your next travel destination, but not really sure where to go? How about Indiana! Okay, okay, hear me…

4 months ago

10 Things That Happen When You Date A Frat Guy

For the past several months, I have dated a guy who is in a fraternity. Going into the relationship with…

9 months ago

20 Signs You Go To Indiana Wesleyan University

Here are 20 signs you go to Indiana Wesleyan University! 1. You know what skipping chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University means.…

11 months ago

10 College Wardrobe Essentials Every IWU Girl Needs

There are just some articles of clothing that every girl needs, and then there are some wardrobe essentials that are…

8 years ago