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20 Things You Should Know How To Do Before Going To College

20 Things You Should Know How To Do Before Going To College

You did it! You're going to college. Somehow, you survived those college apps, SATs/ACTs, and AP Exams. So you're totally…

2 months ago

6 Steps To A Less Stressful Week At OU

It’s Sunday evening. You’re looking at the week ahead and you can already feel your heart racing just a tad…

3 months ago

How to Make the Most out of Freshman Orientation

Hello fellow collegiate! First off, congrats on making it here to college! Brace yourself: you’re in for a few of…

5 months ago

The Dos and Don’ts of Summer

Every time this time of year rolls around, you vow to have the best summer yet. This is time to relax, rejuvenate…

1 year ago

Questioning your Sexuality: What it means

We live in a hetero normative society that forces us to believe that anything other than a heterosexual relationship is…

1 year ago

Naps: How to Nap and Why You Should

Who doesn't love to nap? If done correctly, you wake up feeling refreshed and alert and now research shows that…

1 year ago

Common College Worries & How To Deal With Them

This guest post was provided by (more…)

1 year ago

Quick And Easy Waterfall Braid Tutorial

The waterfall braid is a really easy hair style to do that looks effortless. It's one of my favorite hair…

1 year ago

How To Have The Best Makeup Looks Possible This Fall

Fall is right around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking of Fall related makeup looks. Say goodbye…

5 years ago

5 Essentials For Your Next Picnic

Who said planning the perfect picnic has to be difficult? Whether it is your first time at a picnic, or…

5 years ago