How to Stop the Flu Before it Stops You

How to Stop the Flu Before it Stops You

While this winter took a little longer than usual to get into full swing, flu season did just the opposite…

10 months ago

5 Things You Need to Know About the Flu

The flu is the worst. It always happens the day before the huge test that you know you have to…

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5 Reasons Having a Cold is the Absolute Worst!

“Ah, ah, ahCHOOOOO!” Oh, no. You’ve got the sniffles. You also have a research paper, two projects and an exam…

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Fighting the Flu at FSU- Tips To Keep Your Immune System Up

It seems that when one person gets the flu at FSU, everyone else has it within the next week or…

5 years ago

8 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick In College

Getting sick at college only happens at one time and one time only: the most inconvenient one. Every. Single. Semester.…

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