Spreading Optimism with Life is good

Spreading Optimism with Life is good

Feeling good and spreading good vibes – what life should be all about, right? Well at Life is good, they’re…

7 mins ago

Urban Outfitters Summer’s Last Sale!

Urban Outfitters is having its Summer’s Last Sale!      (more…)

1 day ago

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Manual

Have you strolled through the cosmetics section lately and noticed the countless types of makeup brushes? For those of us…

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The Top 3 Places to Get Dorm Decor

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into your own dorm or apartment is being able to live life…

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How to Save Money When Shopping Online

You can think of shopping as a sport. There are wins and losses, strategies, and tricks to give you an…

1 month ago

Guitar Center Discounts

Playing music instruments has enhanced my life and broadened my horizons more than I ever thought it could. I started…

2 months ago

Picking the Right Laptop for College (Mac vs PC vs Tablet)

In this day and age, any PC, Mac, or tablet will be good enough to bring with you to college.…

2 months ago

It’s Travel Time

It's the most wonderful time of the year... Well it's almost that time of year.  Many people start dreaming of…

4 months ago

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S III – Part I What is all the hub bub between these two devices? Take…

4 months ago

The Ultimate College Discount Handbook

College life is not easy. High tuition costs and being on your own for the first time leaves a lot…

3 years ago