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Pros and Cons of Rushing a Sorority at CSUN

Rushing a sorority is a decision every girl considers when coming to college. How could YOU benefit from rushing at CSUN? Keeping…

2 weeks ago
10 Common Misconceptions about Sorority Girls

10 Common Misconceptions about Sorority Girls

Sorority girls are accustomed to hearing numerous compliments along with negative remarks and misconceptions. There are those who think that…

7 months ago

10 Ways Kris Jenner Would Make A Great House Mom

Every sorority house needs a strong, supportive house mom to keep everything running smoothly. The perfect candidate for the job is…

7 years ago

7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Decide To Rush

Deciding to rush is a big decision and there are certain questions you should ask yourself. Here are seven questions…

7 years ago

15 Gifs That Accurately Describe What Being In A Sorority Is Like

Sometimes it's hard to understand, or to explain, what sorority life is all about. So, here are GIFs that accurately…

7 years ago

Ultimate Guide To The Sororities Of USC

A must be destination during the weekends is ‘The Row’. The central location of frats and sororities, The Row provides…

7 years ago