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How to Save Money on Designer Fashion

How to Save Money on Designer Fashion

As far as shopping goes, there are only a few moments more thrilling than adding that item you love to your…

2 months ago

Messy Hair Do Care

Let’s face it… Looking glamorous and put together in an 8am lecture after a long night out is not exactly…

6 months ago

Sephora Makeup Essentials

By now majority of women might have their makeup regimen down packed. Some are still keeping their eyes pealed for a…

6 months ago

College Face Control

Whether you’re returning as an upper classmen or just starting out your freshmen year, when you go to college your…

10 months ago

Want A Flat Tummy?

Are you trying to get a flat tummy? Let's face it, these days it feels like everyone is! Have no…

6 years ago