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20 Things Every CSUN Student Should Know

20 Things Every CSUN Student Should Know

CSUN is not that college you see in movies. We have 40,000 students, most of whom live off campus and…

1 week ago

20 Reasons CSUN Is the Best School on Earth

Still deciding whether or not California State University Northridge is the right school for you? Look no further. We will…

3 months ago

10 Questions You Have About CSUN Housing: Answered

Congratulations! YOU finally made it! Goodbye high school...hello, college. Next on the to-do list? HOUSING. Here are 10 answers to popular CSUN…

4 months ago

20 Signs You Go To California State University Northridge

Matadors unite! Students or alumni of California State University Northridge, there is something on this list we can all relate…

7 months ago

The Ultimate Guide To CSUN Financial Aid

The financial aid process is long and daunting. You can start in October, but expect for it to take until…

6 years ago

10 Free Things To Do Around CSUN

LA is already expensive enough... Take a break from studying and get your fun fix with 10 FREE things to…

7 years ago