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8 Taco Spots in LA Worth Your Money

Tacos are a LA staple! There is a large Mexican influence over California due to the history of it once being a part of Mexico! These delicious and addicting monstrosities are delightful to eat but can wreak havoc on your weight gain! But hey! Every so often having a taco isn’t so bad right? Especially when visiting LA! You will just about on every corner see a taco truck selling you an experience you won’t want to forget. There are several different types of tacos that captivate your senses immediately.

The meats to choose from are pollo (chicken), pastor (pork), birria (shredded marinated beef), and sometimes fish. These meats are often marinated in Mexican spices that take them to another level. Some taco places fry your shell, others will leave it plain. With LA being so big you can expect lots of taco choices. There are your mom-and-pop restaurants, taco trucks, taco stands, and your Americanized establishments with an American take on the historically Mexican dish. Tacos are usually very affordable, costing you about two to four dollars a pop. Here in this list of top taco spots, you’ll get the best of the best and it won’t cost a fortune! Let’s get our taste buds ready!

Tito’s Tacos

Titos Tacos is a LA staple that has some of the best Mexican food but mainly serves tacos! Their tacos are made with shredded beef, loads of cheese, and lettuce! OMG! These tacos are worth the wait! It is located in Culver City which is located on the west side of LA.

Everything you pass by, there is always a line wrapped around the corner! Understandably, because the meat is so tender and marinated in Mexican spices that elevate the flavor. The shells are crunchy, very crunchy which compliments the tender meat. Titos is where it’s at when you have that taco craving!

This Mexican restaurant and taco truck is located in the city of Wilmington. This city is influenced by Mexican culture and has a wide variety of Mexican cuisine. El Gallito has some of the best tacos known to this area! After a night of clubbing, my best friend had taken me to grab some of their tacos. It was heaven! I had gotten the chicken tacos with cheese and avocado.

I devoured those tacos in seconds! I know what you are thinking, it wasn’t the alcohol! I went back to El Gallito many times after and it was the same feeling. Their tacos are made with so much love and flavor! Did I mention they are so reasonably priced!

Top Shelf Tacos

This establishment is located in the South Bay, in the city of Carson. They serve a wide variety Mexican inspired dishes that will rock your taste buds! I love eating their cevichè because the blend of veggies and sauce they use is so flavorful. However, it’s about the TACOS! The tacos are made with different meats of your choosing and have a bomb taste.

They slow cook all their meats to perfection. The meat is always tender and juicy, you don’t need any sauces or toppings if you don’t want any! They are medium-priced so it can add up but it is worth every dime!

Taco Sinaloa

This taco place is so good! If you come out to the South Bay, come here! Their food tastes so authentic and true to the Mexican influence it is derived from! They use some of the best spice blends to season their meat for their dishes. The tacos are no different! They have seasoned meat of your choice, you can choose whatever toppings but they are not needed.

I love eating chicken tacos, so those are my go-tos at this restaurant. It is conveniently located down the street from Del Amo Fashion Center, you can eat and go do some shopping. The environment is also friendly and they have an aquatic theme inside. There are a few locations but the one I go to is in the city of Torrance. Great vibes and great food!

Carnitas El Momo

Carnitas El Momo specializes in all things pork! All of their taco combinations are served with pork. They have cuts from the ear, butt, shoulder ear, and other parts of the pig. If you are a big pork fan this is for you! Their tacos are topped with onions, cilantro, and loads of meat.

The meat is marinated overnight with a blend of spices which also makes the meat really tender. Carnitas El Momo is located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood. The locals and people from surrounding areas love these tacos! Beware these tacos have a lot of fat but that is what gives it loads of flavor!

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Mariscos Jaliscos

This one is my favorite for two reasons: I love shrimp and I love avocado! They start with a crispy shell filled with shrimp and other secret ingredients that are deep-fried to perfection. After coming out of the fryer, they top the tacos with the freshest avocado and homemade salsa. These tacos are straight out of taco heaven! Make sure on your next trip to LA, try out these, you won’t regret it!

Sonora Town

Sonora Town tacos are unique for a few reasons. They make their shells by hand for starters. I’ve never heard of a restaurant or taco truck that makes its own taco shells. One of the owners travels down to Sonora, Mexico to get the flour for the shells. This flour is what makes their shells airy and light!

They also don’t skimp on the meat cut either! They choose from some of the most premium cuts to ensure a fresh and flavorful taste. They top their tacos with homemade chili and a few veggies. It doesn’t come with your American toppings, staying true to the Mexican authenticity they are known for! Give their tacos a try!

Ricky’s Fish Tacos

This one is very popular among a large audience. This is a taco truck so he does move around quite a bit in LA. The owner Ricky, gets his recipes from his relatives back in Ensenada, Mexico. It has a five-ingredient batter and he uses corn tortillas for the shells.

He does put loads of the crispy fish in the taco, making it heavy in weight. It has a crispy outside with a tender inside which is important in fish making. He tops it off with salsa and some veggies and you are on a flavorful journey! Try to catch him when you get a chance!

Which taco place sounds like one you want to try? Have you tried any of these? Which do you think will be your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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