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These Taco Bell Hacks Will Seriously Blow Your Mind

Taco Bell is easily a favorite of mine in terms of fast food. Its loosely-based Mexican cuisine is chock full of beefy cheesy goodness. Not to mention their low prices! I think it’s safe to say that Taco Bell definitely hangs up there with the likes of Wendy’s and McDonald’s in terms of quality. That being said, there are several insane hacks to their ordering system and menu that you can take advantage of that’ll blow your mind! Here are Taco Bell hacks that will change your Taco Bell experience forever.

Experiment with their app

When you download the Taco Bell app, you can play around with different orders, customizing your favorites or experiment with new orders. A lot of times, you can make discoveries that’ll save you money everywhere! For example, you can take a few things off of a Frito Burrito and basically turn it into a quesarito (my personal regular order). This way, you save almost a dollar based on the price difference between the burrito and quesarito!

Take advantage of the largest dollar menu

Taco Bell touts that its dollar menu is the largest of any fast food chain, so take advantage of that! This is perfect for those of you who are on a strict budget but still feel the need to stop by for some of that irresistible Mexican fast food.

Re-create the iconic but discontinued Lava Sauce

If you remember the days of Taco Bell’s Lava Sauce, then you remember how amazingly it tasted. Sadly, they’ve since discontinued the awesome sauce, but you can easily recreate it by spending very little money: a couple fiery hot sauce packets (free) and a $0.55 order of their nacho cheese sauce!

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Get a free taco with the 12-taco party pack

When you order 12 tacos separately, you’ll end up paying a little over $1 more than if you order the 12-taco party pack. So basically, you get a free taco at the end of it all!

Skip the drive thru, hit up the grocery store

If you spend too much time at the drive thru, chances are you don’t know that a lot of grocery stores carry Taco Bell brand items such as taco boxes and entire BOTTLES of your favorite sauces. Next time you find yourself short on sauce (which might be unlikely seeing as how many packets are always thrown into the bag with your order) you can supplement with what you already have at home!

Do you have any Taco Bell hacks? Share them in the comments below!

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