20 Signs You’re From Syracuse New York

The city of Syracuse is about as central of New York as you can get. Its metropolitan area contains about 660,000 people, making it the fifth most populated city in New York. The city is largely known for its snowfall and history of salt mining. Living in Syracuse leaves a different impact on all of its residents. However, there are, without a doubt, a few telltale signs that shout, “I am from Syracuse, New York!”

20 Signs you're from Syracuse New York!

1. You are not afraid of the snow.

When you are pounded by snow for four months straight, you need to be used to it. Between the lake effect and the northern latitude, high snow fall is to be expected. This means you are prepared to drive in it, shovel it, and live in it.  An average winter in Syracuse will see about ten feet of snow, nearly six to seven feet more than any other area in the state.20 Signs you're from Syracuse New York!

2. The color orange is a staple for you.

Since Syracuse University is right in the center of the city, it plays an important role in your life. Whether it’s football season, basketball season, or any other time of the year, the term “Orange Pride” is not taken lightly. Locals are frequently seen representing their city in their orange gear.

20 Signs you're from Syracuse New York!

3. Fake-tan is your best friend.

When you are rarely able to soak up the sun-rays, you can’t help but be super pasty. During winter, stuck inside with some hot cocoa, you definitely won’t be getting any color. Whether it’s a tanning booth, spray tan, or that weird orange liquid that you rub on your skin, fake-tan is an easy way to get tan without the sun

4. You stay away from the lake.

Onondaga Lake is a scenic body of water with a gorgeous and clean park surrounding it, but as beautiful as it all looks, you know to say away from the water. Years of factories carelessly dumping their waste has polluted the lake, making it unsafe to drink, and even swim. Though there are many current efforts to get the lake cleaned up, you usually tend appreciate it from afar.

20 Signs you're from Syracuse New York!

5. Every year, you plan to go apple-picking.

In Syracuse, there are loads of apple orchards. When the leaves are red, yellow, or orange(after our very short-lived summers), the apples are ripe and ready for you to pick them. You might have even attended one of the numerous apple festivals around the area.

6. Wegmans is your second home.

If you are from the Syracuse area, you know, live, and breathe Wegmans. There’s not one thing this grocery store doesn’t have. Though it may not be as cost effective as some of the others options around, you know Wegmans is going to have exactly what you want, exactly how you want it.

7. You plan your late summer around the Great New York State Fair.

The Fair is one of the largest events in Syracuse. For the last two weeks in the summer, you can see concerts, pet animals, enjoy amusement rides, and eat loads of new, different, and usually unhealthy foods. You probably are planning multiple trips to visit this thirteen-day paradise.

20 Signs you're from Syracuse New York!

8. You go chasing waterfalls.

Syracuse is surrounded by hiking trails and waterfalls that are heavily trafficked by the locals. In the summer, hiking to, and searching for new waterfalls is one of your favorite activities.

9. You are addicted to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

You can’t get enough of their tasty pulled pork, moist corn bread, and to-die-for coleslaw. Their food can go with you anywhere because they offer takeout and will cater your big event! If you head on into the restaurant, you know you need to bring some extra sharpies to leave your mark on the bathroom stalls or bar top(not vandalism- they seem to accept this). This iconic restaurant places Syracuse on the map.

10. You can’t wait to visit the Carrier Dome.

Whether it is for a game, a concert, or even to go see giant trucks crush each other at the Monster Jam, the Syracuse University dome always has something to offer. You look forward to tailgating before a college game, even if it is in the snow. Go ‘Cuse!

11. For your backyard barbecue, you need salt potatoes!

Syracuse is known for its salt, and the majority of salt used in the 1800s was from Syracuse. One of your food staples is salt potatoes. Instead of just boiling potatoes, they are cooked in a buttery-salt mixture. They taste delicious and seem to be a part of many of your meals.

12. You still call Destiny USA its original name, Carousel Mall.

Destiny USA is a mall in the outskirts of the city, full of many stores and restaurants.  The mall contains a carousel in the food court for which it was previously named. In 2012, an addition was added making it the 6th largest mall in the USA and changing its name. However, if you’re truly from Syracuse you still find yourself accidentally calling it by its previous name.

13. Even though it’s forty degrees out, you whip out your summer clothes.

After wearing layers of clothes all winter, you cannot wait to take them off. Once you get out of the thirties, you immediately are ready to bare it all.

20 Signs you're from Syracuse New York!

14. You look forward to visiting a Chick-Fil-A.

Although fast food chains seem essential to every town, Syracuse does not have one. You and other Syracuse natives may even plan your vacations around where these restaurants are.

15. You are picky about pizza.

In Central New York, there are so many Italian restaurants to choose from. There seems to be one on every corner from Gino and Joe’s to Varsity Pizza. When there are so many flavors and crusts to choose from, you need to know what you like and who makes it.

16. You probably speak with nasally “a” or “o” sounds.

This accent distinguishes you from other New Yorkers because it can even be detected in counties just outside Central New York. If you have a slightly funny way of saying “mom” or “aunt”, there’s a good chance you could be from Syracuse.

17. When you think about new cars, you think “Huuuuuuuuuge”.

Pronounced “huuuu-jah”, this Syracuse inside joke comes from Billy Fucillo, a car dealer in CNY. His commercials are on every channel, and every single one ends with his trade mark, “it’s huuuuuuge”. You definitely use this word in your everyday vocabulary.

18. You can’t wait for the legendary hot dogs at Heid’s.

This restaurant serves iconic Hoffman hotdogs that are grilled to perfection. With seating outside and ice cream to order, you stop here all summer. Their locally made chocolate milk makes this restaurant perfect for all ages and renowned in the CNY area.

19. You know how to pronounce “Onondaga”.

Although people struggle to say it, Syracuse is located in this county. Its Native American roots make it unrecognizable in the English language. However, true locals know exactly how to say it.

20. You have always dreamed of getting out of Syracuse.

Although this place is your home, you have probably dreamed of leaving. With the seemingly never ending cold winters, so many dream to get out and move to a warmer or more “glamorous” area such as California. In fact, you probably know some retirees that end up spending their winters in Florida and summers in New York, just to beat the weather. However, the truth of it all, is that no matter how hard you try to get out, sooner or later, you are going to realize that Syracuse is always going to be your home. And hey, when all is said and done, it’s not such a bad place after all.

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