10 Swimsuits You Need To Add To Your Collection

There are ten swimsuits you need to add to your collection before spring. Spring break is right around the corner, and we’re all dreaming of warmer weather. This winter chill has all put us in a funk, and we’re all ready to shake out of it. Sun-kissed skin, ocean breeze, and warm weather clothes are so close, I can feel it! I’ve been looking up bathing suits, and I can’t hold back my excitement anymore. That’s why I’m sharing these ten swimsuits you need to add to your collection! They are seriously adorable. I won’t even have to convince you to buy one!

1. Yellow Bikini

We’ve all heard of the little yellow polka dot bikini. Yellow is the color of spring, and it is making its way into swimwear. This year all types of yellow bikinis are acceptable. I love this bold color in this classic bikini shape!

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2. Leopard Print

We’ve seen that leopard print is a huge trend! Well for spring leopard print is coming to swimsuits! One-pieces are also a massive trend, so this is the perfect combination of two trends! This swimsuit is an easy go to when you have to throw one on in a rush!

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3. Ribbed Bikini

Ribbed bikinis have become a trend in swimwear over the past few years. What is so great about the one below is it comes in a unique color. I’m a sucker for sky blue or white because they are subtle but daring. Plus this design has a sporty, sleek look to it!

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4. Tie-Strap One-Piece

This year we’ve seen that tie-straps have become a prominent trend. This tie-strap one-piece is both classic and modern. This print is an abstract take on the classic polka dot, and I love how it shows some skin!

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5. Little Floral Bikini

It’s spring, and you know what that means, florals! I know shocking. A floral bikini is a classic swimwear staple. This year swap your worn out floral bikini for this bandeau micro floral piece! The colors and pattern are perfect for spring!

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6. Fruity Patterns

This year, we’re loving one-pieces, especially those that have unique prints! The coolest thing about this one-piece is the mixed pattern. It has two prints on it that makes it visually appealing. I love how the stripes, and the oranges work so well together!

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7. Sport-Inspired

For the past few swim seasons, we’ve seen sporty swimwear make its mark. It’s not going away anytime soon, so I suggest you grabbing yourself this trendy bikini. The best thing about this trend is that these swimsuits hold you in well, but also look super sexy.

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8. Stripe One-Piece

This suit is a playful take on a classic design. Stripes have been seen everywhere this year, including swimwear! This one-piece is colorful and bright, exactly how we want some of our swimwear to be. Picture yourself on a beach, sipping a nice cocktail, with your girls in this swimsuit!

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9. The Velvet Bikini

I feel like this is one of the more unique pieces I found. This is a velvet bikini, and I am obsessed! I’ve never seen one before, and I’m annoyed I haven’t. I love the triangle shape of the top, the length of the top, and the high-waisted bottoms! It’s one-of-a-kind and a little sexy!

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10. Checkered One-Piece

I’ve loved checkered swimsuits for a few years now. However, I’ve only acquired them in two-pieces. Well, that’s changing this year because this checkered one-piece is a must-have! It’s a classic print, and this suit shows a bit of skin!

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Which of these swimsuits will you be adding to your swimwear collection?
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Lauren Gragson

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