Swimsuits You Need For The Summer

Don’t be alarmed but… summer is almost upon us. Yes, that’s right it’s swimsuit season. Is it just me or do you also hear the collective groans from all of the women reading this right now? Can shopping for swimsuits can be challenging? Absolutely. Do those fitting room lights do anything to help ease the pain of it all? No effing way.

Don’t worry, the whole point of this is to make shopping for swimsuits easier. Keep on reading to see a list of swimsuits I compiled and order your favourites from the comfort of your own bed! Internet – 1 Evil fitting rooms – 0.

1. Yellow Not Polka-Dot Bikini

Ribbed clothing has been having its moment for years now and it has finally made its way to the swimsuit scene. Along with the vibrant yellow colour that is going to be making a statement this summer, this ribbed top and bottom duo is going to have all the heads turning during your beach day.

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2. Shrug It Off

Does anything scream “swimsuit season is upon us” louder than a floral bikini? A floral printed swimsuit is guaranteed to get your friends asking you where they can get the same one. A bonus style point for the high-waist bottoms which made their way to the front of the swimsuit scene a couple of years ago and haven’t left since!

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3. Back To The Basics

Sure the funky cuts and no shoulder swimsuits can be fun to wear but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics. A twist on the typical one piece, this swimsuit has a very low cut back that makes it the perfect amount of sexy. This swimsuit defines evergreen and you can rock it any time, anywhere.*

*Provided you’re at the beach or gonna go swimming. Or not. You’re in charge of yourself and you can rock this however and wherever your heart pleases!

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4. Throw A Little Mesh On It

Basic isn’t your style? I got you covered! This one piece swimsuit has a beautiful mesh detailing around the stomach area with polka dots on it just to add a little flavour. Also adding its own twist on this swimsuit are the ruffles which are always great because they add a little dimension. And they help cinch in the waist, which in my books is always a bonus.

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5. (Pink) Champagne Problems

This swimsuit will have heads turning once you walk out in it. While it looks like silk, the material is actually nylon making it perfect for swimming. The pink champagne colour almost makes the swimsuit appear girly and cute but there’s no mistaking that this piece is jaw-dropping can-I-have-your-number sexy.

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6. Crochet… But Make It Fashion

Guys… crochet swimsuits are in right now. I mean, they’ve been in for a while but holy shit I can’t do a single google search for swimsuits without seeing crochet. But I can see why – just take a look at this one piece. The crochet detailing with cutouts on both sides is the perfect vacation one piece – I can already picture myself lounging on the beach in this swimsuit.

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7. I’ll Have One Scoop Please

Scoop neck bikinis are all the rage right now. What makes this swimsuit unique is that it’s both classic but also trendy at the same time. You can find these swimsuits in a variety of colours but who doesn’t love a LBB (little black bikini) every once in a while?

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Will you be rocking any of these swimsuits this summer? Share your favourites in the comments below!

Featured image source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/547680004680210988/
Poonam Dadhania

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