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12 Swim Trunks Your Man Will Love To Wear To The Beach This Summer

It’s so unfair for girls going to the beach in the summertime. We have to spend months trying to find a new, perfect, bathing suit that’s on-trend, flattering, and the perfect level of hot vs practical. While we are waxing, getting spray tans and finding the perfect accessories, guys just roll out of bed and grab whatever they’ve worn for the past ten years and call it good. It must be nice! While you may want to try and force your man to go shopping for hours to find him a new suit, the fact is they usually are cool with whatever you pick! Take advantage of this and go shop for an upgrade and find a new suit for them to rock alongside you this summer. Check out these 12 swim trunks that your man will love to wear and that you’ll love to see him in this summer! 

1. Classic Black and White

Starting simple, why not try a classic black and white suit? If your man likes to keep it simple, keep his trunks simple too. Try plain black with white ties or details or get a little fancier with white stripes. If he isn’t all in with a new suit, this is a great way to ease him into it! 

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2. 90’s Baby

If your fella can’t let go of his childhood (who the heck wants to?) then get him a suit that reflects the greatest time in his life. The colors and patterns associated with 90’s are a perfect print for a bathing suit! Look for a 90’s print suit that is colorful, fun and never goes out of style! If the wild colors aren’t quite his taste, go for the classic cup print that we all know and love.  

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3. Tropical Vibes

Do you live on the coast or are planning a beachside vacay for this summer? Reach for a tropical print that will look great on and off the beach. You really can’t go wrong with tropical print swim trunks but they especially check the box when it comes to vacations! If he needs some convincing, steer clear from florals and try leaves or tropical birds to ease him into the print! 

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4. Color Blocks

If your man’s style is simpler but you still want his swim trunks to be a little interesting, try color blocking trunks! The look is classic and so much better than plain colored suits! Whether he likes a board short style or more like Chubbies short shorts, color blocking is definitely in style so it isn’t hard to find! 

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5. Waves

What goes better with a beach then waves? If he wants print but isn’t sure what to get, waves are a great pattern that literally goes perfectly with the ocean! Find a cool, artistic print of waves and he’ll want to wear the trunks riding the waves all summer long! 

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6. Animal Prints

If your man is a party animal, let his swim trunks reflect that! Look for bright colors with another pop of colored animals! My husband LOVES his trunks that feature (of all things) rainbow roosters. The colors look great on the beach and they are just plain ‘ole fun! If you’re feeling creative, match the animals to your local-alligators for Florida, turtles for Hawaii etc! 

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7. Flower Power

If your man doesn’t mind a little flower print, go for it! Floral prints are perfect for the summertime. Everything from tropical flowers to bright mixes will look great mixed with the surf and sand! Tropical print is a great way to introduce floral designs or go crazy with a bright collage!  

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8. Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? He wears short shorts!! In recent years, the shorty shorts of years gone by have made their way back into fashion and if your man doesn’t mind showing a little leg, this style is a fun one! Make sure to couple the length with a fun pattern so the overall look is a showstopper! Of course, Chubbies are the go-to’s for crazy printed short shorts but other brands have hopped on the trend in recent years so you can find a pair wherever your man shops! 

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9. Bright Colors

If you want to switch up his beach style but he isn’t into patterns, grab a pair of highlighter hued shorts! With the light reflecting off the sand and water, you won’t lose track of your man no matter where he goes on the beach! Neon colors are meant for the beach so you can’t go wrong, just grab a pair in his favorite color or one in a color that compliments your suit and you’ll both be all set! 

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10. Stripes

Looking for something a little sporty without being too busy? Stripes are the perfect print! Stripes are a classic swim trunk go-to so you know you can’t go wrong with this choice. With everything from subdued, beach-colored stripes to neon colors, there is a pair out there he will love! 

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11. Sunset Colors

The best part of a beach day? Staying to watch the sunset! Let his swim trunks reflect that with a photo of the sunset or sunset colors. You’ll appreciate the ombre effect and he will like that the varied colors add interest without being too busy. At the end of the day, you guys can see if the sunset actually matches his shorts! 

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12. Matching Set

Finally, if you truly want your suits to compliment one another, go for it and get a matching set! There are tons of companies that sell his and her swimsuit sets so you and your man can get insta-worthy #couplegoals photos all summer long! Even if you just do it for your summer trip, getting matching suits is adorable and as long as you pick a cool print, you’ll look good wearing them separate as well! 

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Which style of suit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

Emily Bell

Emily Bell is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in Journalism with a Public Relations concentration. She currently lives with her husband and dog on the coast in Florida.

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