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Sweet Hair Accessories That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Sweet Hair Accessories That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Hair accessories are an essential part of any outfit, but they’re always neglected as an extra addition that people never really bother with. So we’ve come up with a list of grips, clips and headbands, that will help you fall in love with hair accessories all over again.

1. Resin Hair Clips

You can find these lovely smooth hair clips almost anywhere atm, in an assortment of colours and patterns, but the biggest range (and some of the cheapest) can be found from a number of sellers on Depop.


2. Topknot Headband

The headband in the picture is from Urban Outfitters, but top knot headbands are popular in a lot of places-  the leopard print ones are especially cute!

3. Scallop- Shell Hair Clips

These glitter shine hair clips are adorable, and the shell theme is perfect for holiday season! Urban Outfitters currently have a whole range of beach style grips, slides, and clips, which are all just as cute!


4. Colourful Hair Clip Sets

These classic hair clips might give you throwback vibes, but with their colourful variation and soft sheen, they’re perfect for any occasion, no matter how old you are!


5. Pearl Slides

These classy pearl slides will give you a more sophisticated edge this summer, but with the range of different styles, you can pick and choose from collections like these to wear to almost anything!

6. Mini Hair Grips

These mini tortoiseshell hair grips are not only super-cute size wise, but perfect accessories if you want to add a bit more detail to your half up, half down looks this summer.


7. Scrunchies

Although these particular Anthropologie mini-scrunchies are unfortunately out of stock, scrunchies have been back in for quite a while now, so they’re easy to find, and the picture below illustrates just how cute metallic scrunchies can look when you’ve got a colour scheme going!


8. Star Hair Clips

Remember these? Different shaped hair slides in pastel colours were definitely the mark of a noughties childhood, but in metallic silvers and golds they’re once again the perfect addition to any outfit. The stars are our favourites, but you can find them in lots of other shapes and sizes too.

9. Gold Foil Resin Hair Clips

Now these may very well be our all time favourites- over sized clear hair clips with golf foil speckled pattern and shiny resin finish? Yes please.


10. Scarf-tie Scrunchie

These scarf-tie scrunchies give us an exotic 70s vibe, and they do a great job of making it look like you’ve put in a lot of effort when you really haven’t. They’re super-soft too!


11. Draped Bow Scrunchie

The babydoll look really is coming back into style- and nothing does a better job mixing cute and elegant than these Draped Bow scrunchies from Urban Outfitters. Tie these into an up-do and give yourself an adorable vintage vibe this summer.

12. Tie Back Headband

This Tie Back Headband is another accessory which is giving us major 70s vibes- it’ll keep your hair back off your face in the sun too!


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13. Classic Alice Band

We love a classic Alice Band, but in velvet it looks especially classy; and it’s such a quick and easy way to do your hair nicely.


14. Pearl Headband

Just like those hair slides, this pearl headband is gorgeous and sophisticated: stick this on to add a glamorous edge to your outfits this summer. 


15. Glitter Resin Hair Clips

These sparkly glitter hair clips are the cutest, and come in a whole range of colours for you to mix and match!

16. Crocodile Clip

Crocodile clips like this are ideal if you want to pull the hair back off your face, while still looking stylish– we’re getting serious Jennifer Aniston vibes with these.


17. Hair Comb

Hair combs are beautiful, and such a unique way to spice up your summer look. They’re often associated with fancy occasions, like proms or weddings, but find a less intense one like this one from Anthropologie, and you can wear it whenever you like!


18. Hair tie

Hair ties are another classic, but with their super-soft texture, and the ability to double up as a cute wristband, they’ll always be a favourite with us!

What would your favourite hair accessories be? Let us know in the comments below!

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