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10 Sweaters You’ll Want To Wear For Autumn

10 Sweaters You’ll Want To Wear For Autumn

There are many reasons why the changing of the seasons is a positive change for everyone. With the transition of the seasons comes a chance for renewal, a reawakening of finding who we are and the chance to rediscover different parts of ourselves. Another exciting part that comes with the changing of the seasons is the chance to change out the clothes in our closets and reinvent our personal style according to the weather changes. The season of Autumn is a great time to experiment with rich colors, bold makeup and warm clothes and stylish leather boots. Another part of autumn fashion to look forward to are the warm sweaters that get to cozy up with all season long. Read along to shop for the 10 best sweaters you’ll want to wear for autumn…and won’t want to get out of.

1. Black Knit Backless Cropped Sweater

This backless sweater is the perfect sexy but cozy feel for the autumn months. The color is aligned with the color palette of fall and is the perfect material to keep you cozy on chillier days. The stretchy acrylic fabric of this sweater is perfect for every bust and body size. Pair with jeans and sneakers or leather pants and knee high boots for a dressier look.


2. Oatmeal Sweater With Balloon Sleeves

This oatmeal colored sweater from WCONCEPT is the perfect autumn sweater choice for really any occasion. It keeps the wearer warm but the balloon sleeves add a unique style twist to the look. This sweater is a combination of acrylic and polyester for the just the right amount of warmth during the colder autumn months. This sweater can be worn casually or or dressed up because the color and style are both versatile. Pair this neutral colored sweater with a pair of blue jeans in the daytime or tuck in to a silk skirt and throw on some flats for the night time. 

3. Lavender Loose Knit Sweater

This light purple sweater is the ultimate sweater for fall because it is lightweight enough to wear in the warmer temperatures of fall but cozy and warm enough for loungewear or a casual look over a solid colored tank top. The lavender color of this sweater is also the perfect neutral tone to match with most autumn colors. This Lulu’s sweater is a blend of acrylic and polyester material and can be worn casually or more formally. Dress up this sweater with an a-line skirt and heels for a night out or flare jeans for a daytime look. 


4. Plunge Colorblock Twist Sweater

This plunge colorblock twist sweater is set apart from all the other sweaters mentioned above because it combines a series of fall colors and designs in one. This Zaful sweater is a combination of cream, tan and dark turquoise colors that twist in the back but fully cover the front side. This sweater is better worn as a more casual look like with dark jeans and sneakers.


5. Chunky Off The Shoulder Pullover Sweater

This comfortable and cute Amazon off the shoulder sweater is one size fits all and comes in a grey and beige color. This sweater is very comfortable because it is loose fitting but stylish because of the off the shoulder style and is made with a thick polyacrylic material to provide maximum comfort and warmth in the colder days of autumn. Pair this sweater with leggings and boots for a casual look or jeans and heels for a more dressy look. 

6. Mixed Knit Crew Neck Sweater

Pastels are not the first color that comes to mind when you think of fall but with this sweater you can pull this off, set a new trend and remain cozy for the whole season of autumn. Try out  this Urban Outfitters sweater for a cozy and cute loungewear look or for a sweet day time look with jeans and a t-shirt underneath. 


7. Knot Backless Striped Fluffy Knit Sweater

This sweater is perfect for a night time dressier look because of the cut out detail in the back, tie detail and the darker color in the fabric. The mohair material is the perfect soft and cozy material. Wear this in the night time for a dressy look with black leather pants and black booties.  

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8. Rainbow Turtleneck Sweater

This rainbow turtleneck sweater is the perfect pop of color for your fall wardrobe. The colors will make you stand out in a sea of neutral fall colors and keep you cozy at the same time. The long knit sleeves and turtleneck make the sweater extra cozy, comfy and stylish.


9. Knit Cowl-Neck Sweater

This knit cowl-neck sweater is a go-to autumn sweater because of its neutral color, fit and style. This cute little number comes in two shades, “cream” and “beige” and is a combination of acrylic, polyester and wool. This cowl-neck sweater also has slits on the sleeves for a unique and stylish detail. Style this H&M sweater with bell bottom blue jeans for a more casual look or snake skin pants for a fancier one.

10. Jacquard-Knit Sweater

This Jacquard-Knit Sweater from H&M is an autumn sweater weather staple because it has a neutral-colored pattern and a snug and warm feel. It comes in a beige/zebra print or a black/plaid print to choose from. It is made out of 100% acrylic for a true wool feel. Style this sweater casually with jeans or more dressy with leather pants and boots.


Autumn is a great season to experiment with fashion and neutral colors, because unlike other seasons, this one is about layering and contrast. This list provides you with the most essential autumn staple: sweaters! There are a wide variety of autumn sweaters to choose from to match or fit your style and personality. Everything from colorful sweaters, neutral sweaters, cozy, dressy, and of the comfiest material so you can be sure to find the best one for you and cuddle up in all season long. Be bold, step outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

Which autumn sweaters are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!