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15 Sweaters Everyone Should Own For The Spring

Nothing explains Spring more than that weird time where the weather makes you think it’s warm enough to wear a t-shirt and jeans then makes you regret not bringing a sweater or a jacket. What’s nice about sweaters is the diversity of them all. A sweater could mean a thick cable knit that your grandma gave you in high school, or a light cardigan you got at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Sweaters options are endless and they can be worn year-round.

1. Cool Cutouts

When it gets to be that in-between-warm-and-cold time, a great sweater to have in your wardrobe is one that has a few cutouts in it. This could be in the back, shoulder, or tiny slit on the chest. Whatever placement you choose, it’s nice because you can look trendy while also staying warm and cozy in your sweater.

2. Fun Collar

This isn’t like a polo collar, but instead is scalloped or has a big bow on it. What’s nice about this style of sweater is that if you can’t find a collar that tickles your fancy, then an easy option is to find a scoop neck sweater, a shirt that has a collar that meets your needs, and layer them. However, I bet you could go into Aritizia or Zara and easily find yourself a cute sweater with a fun collar! 

3. Sweater Vest

A sweater vest could be something you find in a thrift store or your grandparent’s closet. A sweater vest is so easy to layer or if it is warm enough, you can wear it on its own. A sweater vest looks so cute with a pair of straight-leg jeans and some sort of chunky shoe. If you need some sweater vest inspiration, look up either Emma Chamberlain or Lissy Roddy on Instagram. Their sweater vest game is too strong!

4. Polo Style

Alright, now for those who like to play it safe with the collared sweaters, this one is for you. A polo-style sweater is a timeless piece of fashion that you can keep in your closet for years. It can be that one piece you pull out every spring that people have begun to know and love. A polo can be dressed up or be worn casually which makes it such a special sweater and a necessity for spring.

5. Co-Ord Set

This is the perfect entire outfit for you! With no work necessary, co-ord sets have become a staple in some closets. These are especially nice for springtime because sweaters are thicker than an average shirt but not as heavy as a winter jacket. So, having your entire outfit be a co-ord sweater set will have you looking cute and comfortable when the weather feels like being confusing.

6. Shoulder Pads

Remember when your mom wore shoulder pads and you looked at them with pure confusion? Well, guess who’s in the shoulder pads now? Shoulder pads have come back in style just like close to everything your mom wore when she was your age. Shoulder padded sweaters have swooped center stage once again and have provided a new classy way to wear a sweater to your bottomless mimosa date.

7. Bolero

A bolero sweater is something you wear if you’re either brave or springtime really isn’t that cold for you. This is a newer, stylish sweater that essentially only covers your shoulders and maybe your neck. It’s so cute and should be one of the sweaters that you take from this list and put in your closet. What’s nice about the bolero sweater is that you can wear this through the end of spring and during cool summer nights. It will become something you will want to wear often.

8. Cropped Sweater

A tried a true! A security blanket some may even say, the cropped sweater is so easy to throw on when you’ve exhausted all options. It’s comfortable and will never ever let you down. Everyone should have at least two to three cropped sweaters in their closet for spring.

9. Turtleneck

A great sweater if the spring weather is truly testing you, a turtleneck sweater can be as thick or thin as you want it to be. If the spring weather is confusing you and you can’t decide what to wear, the turtleneck has got you covered with that extra inch or two of coverage.

10. Floral Patterns

A great pattern, in general, to have for spring is floral. Throw it on a sweater, and that’s a double win in my book! You cannot go wrong with a sweater or a floral pattern in the spring. Flowers start blooming because of that rain that still doesn’t seem to go away, so why not match your surroundings while staying warm?

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11. Cowl Neck

A cowl neck sweater is right up there with the turtleneck but has a looser fit at the top. It’s trendy enough to where you could wear it to a brunch with friends then meet up with your grandma and she would think you look absolutely darling. It’s a very versatile sweater!

12. Sweater Dress

One of the comfiest things known to mankind is the sweater dress. This is what you wear when you want to chase the hangover away while still looking fashionable. Pair a sweater dress with a blouse underneath to give it a cute collar! Sweater dresses provide ultimate comfort while giving you a little extra warmth.

13. Cardigan

Cardigans have been trusted sweaters since anyone can remember, especially for spring! This is something you either throw on or bring with you if you know you’re going to get cold but want to leave your t-shirt on. A cardigan will never do you wrong!

14. Asymmetrical

An asymmetrical sweater is a very classy sweater for springtime. This is a modest, yet sexy sweater with a bit of skin that is exposed. Whip out this sweater for a chilly spring date night!

15. Colorful

If you are a sweater person 365 days a year, then this the one is for you. Transition into spring by wearing some warmer colors like yellow or orange, or maybe add in some pastels. You know the style of sweater you prefer already, so just spice it up with some new colors!

What are some sweaters you think should be in everyone’s closet this coming spring? Let us know below!

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