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12 Sustainable Retail Brands To Shop At

12 Sustainable Retail Brands To Shop At

Sustainable retail brands are on the rise in society as younger generations are focusing their attention on how we can save the environment. Knowing some of the information about different brands before shopping is crucial in helping the environment. 

1. Boyish Jeans

Boyish Jeans are a sustainable brand that has its main focus geared towards making jeans that aren’t so bad for the environment. Making one pair of jeans normally uses up to 1800 gallons of water, while Boyish Jeans are now creating jeans that use around a third of the water normally used. All water used in creating their jeans is recycled and they focus on having no pollution in their production process. Using non-toxic dyes and gentle processes are a big part of this brand’s determination to keep the environment safe. Eco-friendly fabrics are important for them to reduce waste while creating these products. They also focus on creating jeans that will last decades without losing their style and fit. 


2. Sotela

Sotela’s values include body positivity, positive impact, humanity, and the environment. They believe they have a responsibility to create products that are not harmful to the environment. Having an ethical brand where humans are not forced into sweatshop labor is important to this brand. Using eco-friendly fabrics that are not only helping the Earth but also forgiving on the body and will help you to feel good about yourself, no matter what you are wearing is a big part of Sotela’s mission. The founder and designer of Sotela believes we should all have a closet full of clothes that make us feel confident. 

3. Tentree

Tentree creates all of its products from sustainable materials. As a team built from environmentalists, their mission is to help do what is best for the environment. Little things that can make a difference when added up is what their main focus is on. They have planted over thirty million trees and their goal is to be at one billion by the year 2030. Since humans have created such a mess in the world with manufacturing processes and unethical business practices, they believe it is our mission to fix the problems that are hurting the environment. 


4. 337 BRAND

337 BRAND is a leisurewear line that is earth-friendly. Having minimal amounts of waste being produced in their manufacturing process is critical to 337 BRAND. They focus on using materials that aren’t harmful to the environment, while also looking for ways to give back. For every order they receive, they donate a dollar, and every dollar plants one tree. 


5. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a sustainable retail brand that is focused on human rights, organic cotton, and being held responsible for the harm that’s been caused by fashion brands. In countries around the globe, forced labor is being implemented on millions of young girls. Eileen Fisher is determined to have a brand that not only goes against this process but finds better and more sustainable ways to produce clothing. 

6. Tonle

Tonle believes in having a zero-waste process in the manufacturing of their clothing, as well as every piece of fabric, no matter how small, has a purpose. They use reclaimed materials from other fashion brands that are throwing them out as waste, and they create products that are helping the environment. Creating products that last is crucial to them in helping the Earth because people won’t feel the need to throw them out and consistently buy new clothes. They are on a mission to inform their consumers about the harsh reality of the fashion industry and focus on creating a brand that is better than most. 



MATE is a clean, organic brand that is focused on using non-toxic and natural materials in their clothing. Normally, over 8000 synthetic chemicals are used to create the clothes we wear, while MATE is determined to avoid this toxic number in their manufacturing. While using organic cotton, they are producing 87% less water and 45% fewer greenhouse gases are being emitted. They focus on having all products created and shipped directly out of their home, Los Angeles, California. 


8. Whimsy And Row

This lifestyle brand is an environmentally friendly company that was created out of love for quality goods and sustainability. All of their products are made near their office, so they have the ability to ensure that workers are being paid and treated fairly. They use locally sourced, upcycled, and environmentally safe materials, and with that, create long-lasting pieces.

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9. Lucy & Yak

This rather unique brand was built after a trip around the world. After buying a van and naming it Yak, the owners lived in the van and sold vintage clothing. They searched around the world for small businesses they wanted to work with that had ethical values and standards. After finding the right fit, the trio went on to create an environmentally friendly brand, Luck & Yak. By having a very small team of employees, they can ensure that all workers are being paid and treated properly. They don’t believe in the minimum wage, but the living wage, so their employees aren’t just getting by paycheck to paycheck. 

10. Soapbox Clothing

Soapbox Clothing is an environmentally friendly fashion brand that is focusing not only on sustainable practices, but also giving back to their community. Ten percent of every sale goes directly to various charities, with issues surrounding human rights, enivornmental protection and animal welfare. Handmade items as well as vintage products are the main selling point for Soapbox Clothing. They also have recyclable packages without excess plastic to help save the environment. 


11. Arielle

ARIELLE is a retail brand focused on using only organic, recycled, and zero-waste fabrics. They have a local manufacturing business and have packaging and production that is free of plastic. This brand is designed by Arielle herself, who made this label to have the same values as she does in her personal life. Stylish, sexy, and sustainable are the words used to best describe this amazing retail brand! 


12. Svala

Helga Douglas created Svala as a luxury, vegan brand that designs handbags and accessories. Svala is a symbol of love, loyalty, freedom, and hope in lots of cultures, which is why she named her brand after it. Her love of animals and nature motivated her to have a brand that isn’t harmful to the environment or animals. 

Which of these sustainable retail brands are you going to start shopping at? Share with us in the comments below! 

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