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Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

Sustainable Brands You Need to Follow

Green is the new black, because sustainable fashion is in and it’s here to stay! It’s time to take a stand against unethical, fast fashion and strive for a better way of living. It’s time to look good with a clear conscious! Here are sustainable fashion brands you need to follow.

1. Reformation

A favourite among models, reformation creates effortless, beautiful clothing from sustainable fabrics. The brand put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Reformation not only recycle, compost organic wastes, recycle or donate their textile scraps; but they also invest in their employees too – each Reformation staff member receives a Metro Card to promote environmentally friendly transport to and from work. Reformation are a sustainable fashion brand everyone should follow!

Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

2. People Tree

People Tree was among the first sustainable fashion brands and has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. After 25 years, the company is still the only brand credited by the World Fair Trade Organisation. Shop with sustainability in mind – you won’t be disappointed! Head to People Tree for versatile, colourful dresses that you’ll wear every season!

Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

3. Veja

Established in 2004, Parisian sneaker brand Veja works with small producers across South America. Their focus is on respecting the environment and championing human rights. Veja also partners with Atelier Sans Frontières, an organisation that helps people who are struggling to find work, and employ workers to prepare the brands orders. The trainers that Veja make are both sustainable and wearable!

Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

4. Aimee Kent

Aimee Kent owns and designs an eponymous sustainable textile, fashion and lifestyle brand based in Scotland. The brand is the first in Scotland to use a special filtration system to ensure that the harmful chemicals contaminated with the dyes used do not pollute the water cycle. The brand has collaborated with Zero Waste Scotland who works in creating a society where resources are valued, and nothing is wasted. The ethos of Aimee Kent are to create a positive impact on the environment by only using organic, locally sourced and recycled materials. They also offer workshops and training to enrich the local communities in Scotland.

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Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

5. Asos Recycled Denim

Everyone needs the one pair of perfect jeans that you can wear with everything! ASOS recycled denim is not a brand, but rather a sustainable branch within ASOS. ASOS have launched a collection of jeans made using a mix of recycled cotton. The five styles include slim and mom; and finishes include dark blue, light blue, ripped, busted and raw hems. ASOS have partnered with REMO – the Recycle Movement to create this line– and will be share info about where and how the denim was recycled for each pair of jeans on the product’s QR labels. ASOS are committed to 100% sustainable cotton by 2025!

Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

6. Kotn

This sustainable brand is best known for their soft, fine, and breathable Egyptian cotton. Kotn is dedicated to making our favourite wardrobe staples sustainable. Their affordable basics, like classic white tees or your favourite 90s sweatshirts, are comfortable enough for everyday wear. The brand focus on quality rather than quantity so you don’t have to replace your basics so often – helping you to become more sustainable. Kotn works directly with farmers to pay a guaranteed price for their cotton and is also helping their suppliers make the switch to organic.

Sustainable Brands You Need To Follow

Which sustainable brands are you following? Let us know in the comments below!

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