10 Sustainable Brands You Need To Check Out

It can be difficult to have an eco-friendly wardrobe in today’s world. There are a plethora of different stores with cute styles, but it can be a challenge to find brands that have cute clothing and are sustainably made. Here are 10 sustainable brands you need to check out:

1. Everlane

Everlane is a sustainable company that creates a variety of wardrobe essentials. They partner with ethical factories around the world to ensure their products are made responsibly and fairly. They also source the finest materials to create great quality items and keep the planet safe from unethical materials. Everlane creates timeless pieces that can last in your wardrobe forever. With a range of different styles varying from cashmere sweaters to sturdy jeans, there’s a piece from Everlane for any closet. 


2. Lisa Says Gah

Lisa Says Gah is a trendy sustainable brand that selling a variety of well-made products. They create a plethora of fun and funky designs perfect for any trendy wardrobe. Lisa Says Gah is a diverse company that allows independent designers to share their creativity. They use natural fabrics and bidegradable packaging to minimize their environmental footprint. They also sell a variety of products made from recycled materials to avoid unethical manufacturing.

3. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an ethical activewear brand with sturdy clothing for any athlete or casual gym attendee. They use a variety of fabrics made from recycled and ethically-sourced materials. Their designs are sturdy and timeless athleticwear that will last a long time in your wardrobe. Outdoor Voices also use recycled and recyclable packaging to help protect the planet. They also aim to partner with other companies and brands that are eco-friendly. If you’re looking for some good reliable athletic wear, check out Outdoor Voices.


4. AllBirds

Allbirds creates ethical and sturdy shoes for any wardrobe. Their shoes are not only comfortable and reliable, but they also are eco-friendly. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint while also creating great quality shoes. Allbirds uses sustainable materials such as wool and sugar to produce high-quality and long-lasting shoes. They also use clean fuel and electricity to produce their shoes to avoid a negative carbon footprint.

5. Rothy’s

Rothy’s are another great sustainable brand with reliable and eco-friendly shoes. All their shoes are made with recycled, natural, or renewable materials. So, their materials will not leave a negative footprint on our planet. For example, they use single-use plastic water bottles to make their own signature thread. Rothy’s also own their own factory to ensure their shoes are being ethically made in a fair environment. They also recycled used Rothy’s shoes to create something new, so they don’t go to waste or end up in a landfill. Rothy’s are also super easy to wash. All you have to do to wash your Rothy’s is throw them in the washer and they will be as good as new. They have a variety of styles ranging from flats to sneakers for every wardrobe.


6. Girlfriend Collective

Another sustainable and timeless athletic brand is Girlfriend Collective. They make a variety of fun pieces to work out in. Their items are all created in an ethical factory with a fair work environment. They are a very transparent company regarding how they make their products. They use recylced nylon fabric to avoid harmful ocean plastic pollution. They also use recycled water bottles to create thread for their items. 


7. Reformation

Reformation creates timeless and iconic pieces. Their dresses are beautifully made with gorgeous fabrics and effortless silhouettes. They built their own factory with a healthy and fair-working environment for their team. They use deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing to create their super stylish products. Reformation aims to keep production less wasteful by only creating a small quantity of items. They also sell vintage items in their storefronts if you enjoy vintage styles. So, if you are looking for some fashionable and reliable clothing pieces for your wardrobe, definitely check out Reformation. 

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8. Patagonia

Patagonia is a reliable and well-made outdoor clothing and gear company. They make a variety of different products for anyone who loves outdoor activities. Patagonia aims to create durable products by using less energy and water and creating less waste. Patagonia strives to help the planet, so they donate a portion of their sales the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Patagonia supports groups that work to find solutions for the environmental crisis. Their goal as a company is to provide products for the outdoor-lovers and protect the planet. They also have a business called Worn Wear which allows you to trade in your used Patagonia items for new items or fix your gear. Patagonia is a reliable and sustainable brand.

9. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is another sustainable brand that provides quality outdoor gear. They create reliable backpacks, bags, and outerwear for anyone that loves to be outdoors. Their products are built to last a long time and withstand the outdoors. They partner with ethical factories that treat their workers fairly and respectful. Cotopaxi aims to source sustainably minded materials to avoid leaving a harmful carbon footprint. This limits the harmful use of fossil fuels and reduces waste. If you’re looking for some reliable gear for your next hiking adventure, check out Cotopaxi.


10. Prana

Prana creates the perfect products for travel, adventure, and yoga. They use organic cotton and hemp to create sustainably made materials. They support responsible practices to ensure workers are being treated fairly and clothing is being carefully made. Prana also aims to reduce textile waste and keep garments out of the landfills. Prana is the perfect brand for vegans as well. They avoid using materials that may be harmful to animals. They strive to create clothing that helps the planet and empowers the people who wear their products. Prana is a great brand for anyone looking for some comfy loungewear.


There are so many amazing sustainable brands the are eco-friendly and fun. What is your favorite sustainable company to shop from?