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12 Sushi Recipes You Have To Make For International Sushi Day

12 Sushi Recipes You Have To Make For International Sushi Day

12 Sushi Recipes You Have To Make For International Sushi Day

International celebration days, be it about food, cultures, or people, are a great way to celebrate and experience the way of life or cuisine of another culture. One such international sensation that has swept from its origin country of Japan to the rest of the world, is of course sushi and many variants on sushi recipes. June 18th, international sushi day, is a day for sushi lovers to happily indulge in sushi for the day or for those who haven’t yet braved a taste, to try it for themselves! No matter the case, these 12 sushi recipes are a must make for the big day!

1. Spicy Yellowtail Roll

Yellowtail fish has a very subtle flavour unlike some other types of fish or sashimi. However, it’s not so subtle as to be overpowered by the spices in this roll and rather serves to compliment the added sriracha, spicy mayo, and scallions. It’s a flavour packed dish, and thanks to the mild yellowtail, it makes a great starter choice if you are new or unsure about the world of sushi!

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2. Smokey Portobello Roll

I love portobello mushrooms not just because of their taste, but because of the diversity of dishes you can make with them: stuffed as appetizers, chopped up, mixed with another dish, boiled in a sauce, or in this case smoked and rolled into sushi! The flavourful smoked tasted of the portobello blends deliciously with the creamier, nuttier taste of the heart of palm slices inside.

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3. Mango Sushi Rolls

Feel like something a little sweet? Classical sushi has fish in it, but this is international sushi day! A day to expand your palate and try all sorts of new sushi, including this mango and vegan friendly one. This recipe includes a spicy sauce for an extra little kick that really balances out the sweetness of the mango. But if spicy isn’t in your palate, then just omit it and swap in something else, or leave it with just the mango and rice.

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4. Bacon Avocado

Whoa, bacon in sushi? This one is very unconventional, and since the spread of sushi out of Japan and across other countries, sushi has definitely seen a shift in what sort of ingredients are added in. But, this recipe really makes the most of the flavourful bacon combined with avocado and sliced sashimi. It’s flavourful and definitely worth a try at least once!

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5. California Roll

Most sushi will have some form of raw fish in them, but if you either don’t like the taste or are new to the world of sushi and simply aren’t sure if the taste of raw fish is for you, then the California roll is a good place to start! Instead of sashimi, this recipe uses crab combined with avocado, cucumber, and mayo for a flavourful and crunchy roll.

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6. Spicy Salmon

This recipes packs some heat, so if you like spice look no further. The creamy avocado helps temper the heat a bit, but be sure to keep a cold drink nearby! This recipe is also a great one if you want to change up a sushi roll for Temaki style, which is rolled into a cone shape instead.

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7. Dragon Roll

Whether you love eel or want to really expand your sushi palate, this dragon roll is the place to start. Visually, this recipe is fun to create thanks to the slices of avocado placed on top to create the semblance of a dragon. However, if eel really isn’t your thing or today just isn’t the day you feel up to finding out if it is, this recipe has the option to use shrimp tempura instead. The outcome will be just as delicious!

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8. Rainbow Roll

Do you like your sushi with lots of different kinds of sashimi inside? Well the rainbow roll is not only the most colourful of our recipes, but it is loaded with four different kinds of fish including crab. You can customize your favourite fishes, but just be sure each is sushi grade to avoid any health concerns. This recipe may require a bit of extra effort to put it all together, but it is well worth it in the end!

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9. Temaki With Crab

Temaki is a really easy to make sushi that is rolled into individual cones, as opposed to rolling into a log and cutting into slices. This temaki also does not include raw fish, but is full of crunchy crab, cucumber, carrots, and a drizzle of creamy mayonnaise. It’s dangerously easy and delicious to make–you’ve been warned!

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10. Spicy Watermelon

Similar to our spicy mango sushi, this combines sweet and spicy with watermelon into another delicious vegan option! This is also a customizable dish to make it as sushi or temaki, depending on what visuals you want for you selection of sushi dishes. It also makes for a great hot summer day snack!

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11. Shrimp Tempura Sushi

Shrimp tempura on its own is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious (unless you don’t like shrimp). But by combining it into a sushi roll that includes cream cheese, avocado, and crunchy cucumber, it goes from just delicious to dangerously¬†delicious. Luckily, this recipe is straight-forward and easy to make, so you can enjoy this asap!


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12. Volcano Roll

This sushi is both as visually explosive, as it is flavourfully explosive, making it the perfect finale to our must-try sushi recipes! The sushi portion is a simple combination of rice, cucumber, optional cream cheese, and green onions. While the volcano topping is your choice of shrimp, salmon, scallops, or all three, and of course the drizzle of spicy volcano sauce to top it all off. Is your stomach growling yet?


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Are you feeling ready and hungry for international sushi day? What’s your favourite sushi recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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