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15 Sushi Gifts For People That Love Sushi

As many of you may have experienced, sushi lovers are the real deal. These types of people can eat sushi way too often, and the worst part is, this addiction of theirs is actually good for them.  However, even the average person can say that sushi isn’t a bad meal to have every once and a while. So, whether you are a sushi lover from a far, or the real deal, we have created the best sushi gifts for you!


1) Just To Let Everyone Know What You Stand For, A Sushi Badge Holder Will Do The Trick

Add a special twist to your everyday work attire with a retractable sushi badge holder! This neat sushi gift works great to hold your ID, as well as an efficient conversation starter. Your love for sushi can now be discussed with coworkers and patients all over!

2) Yes, You Need A This Is How I Roll Coffee Mug

Sip on that cup of Joe every morning dreaming of your favorite sushi roll with this beautiful sushi lover mug! Everyone will know how you “roll” after taking a drink out of this!

3) This Fun Sushi Go! Pick And Pass Card Game

108 cards of nothing better then your favorite meal! The objective of this sushi driven game is to “pass the sushi” and create the best combination of sushi plates as fast as you can while they speed by you!

4) These Cute Sushi Socks

There’s nothing that screams “I love sushi” more then a swift set of sushi socks! Wear these Japanese cuisine socks to your favorite sushi restaurant and you are bound to attract some attention (and maybe even some free sushi)!

5) An All You Need Sushi Making Kit

If you’re a sushi lover and you don’t own a sushi kit… then I question your loyalty. However, in the rare chance that a sushi kit isn’t in your collection, this sushi making kit is perfect for beginners and comes with a book full of recipes for you to make!

6) This Adorable Toddler Sushi Body Suit

Dress your child into a little sushi roll and you will die of cuteness. The saying “you’re so cute I just want to eat you up” will be a telling phrase for you!

7) A Romantic Sushi Dinnerware Set For Two

It’s assumed that if you’re a huge sushi lover, then your significant other must be as well. A romantic dinnerware set for two is one of the perfect sushi gifts and date ideas for the truest of sushi fans!

8) Your New Favorite Sushi T-Shit , For Everyday Wear

This unique shirt will let everyone know you mean business when it comes to your sushi addiction. Definitely one of the must-have sushi gifts for sushi lovers.

9) A Four Pack Of Chopsticks, To Really Be In Your Element

Sushi lovers eat sushi all the time, therefore, they definitely know how to use a set of chopsticks! Fulfill your sushi lovers dream with a nice set of wooden chopsticks, that way, they can eat sushi the right way.

10)  This Hard Core Sushi Cutting Knife

This hard core blade is assured to cut up your sushi into some nice clean rolls. One of the perfect sushi gifts for a true lover!

11) An Adorable Sushi Loving Phone Case

If you’re a true sushi lover this case will stand out in the crowd. Not to mention whenever you’re hungry you will have a friendly reminder of what you want to eat!

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12) Yes, You Need This Shark Attack Sushi Plate

This hilarious plate will make you crack up every time you eat your favorite meal. Throw some soy sauce in the sharks mouth and you’ll have a dinner for the ages!

13) This Sushi Stuffed Toy Is Everything You Need To Sleep With At Night

This little ball of fun makes for one of the perfect sushi gifts for someone who loves to snuggle up with some pillows at night. If you are a sushi lover, one of your snuggled pillows might as well be this cute little stuffed toy, right?

14) A Decorative Cushion To Add A Cute Touch To Your Decor

Your home decor represents you, therefor, you might as well add your favorite food to it! This sushi pillow will make you crave sushi more then you already do, but trust me, you won’t be mad about it!

15) You Only Have Eyes For These Sushi Sunglasses

For the sushi lover, there isn’t a more hilarious gift then sushi sunglasses. Pair them with your sushi shirt and phone case and go for a walk around the town. You’ll get lots of funny reactions!

What are some of your favorite sushi gifts? Leave us a comment in the section below!

*This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.

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