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How to Survive Summer Vacation Away From ESU

How to Survive Summer Vacation Away From ESU

After having every minute of your day planned out between classes, studying, or work, you suddenly find yourself with four months of nothing.  Ahh, sweet summer vacation. But…after about a week of catching up on your sleep and claiming you are “recharging your batteries”, the dullness sets in and you get a bit stir crazy.  Keep reading to discover ways to keep yourself busy until you return to the home of the Warriors!

1. Get a seasonal job and make that money.

This is the obvious choice, and while it is profitable, this path is also the least fulfilling.  Sure, you scrap up some savings, perhaps for the new semester and some people, like myself, absolutely need to make that cash, but you also miss out on an opportunity to experience something new and wonderful.  That said, I suggest you seek out places that have increased their starting wages to $10.00 an hour.  Wawa is one example of such a place.

2. Find an internship and gain some resume experience.

Some of them even pay you.  It would be great on your résumé, but more importantly, it provides you with very valuable experience.  Furthermore, you can make great connections that can help you find your dream job after you graduate.

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3. Take a trip to a new destination or an old favorite.

If you are one of the few who actually has some money saved up, then go somewhere.  Travel to a different country.  Soak up some culture while you soak up some rays.  If you are tight on money, then a road trip can be great fun too.

4. Give back to the community this summer.

Not only does it feel good, but it helps beef up your résumé as well.  Ask around ESU for volunteer opportunities or look in your hometown’s newspaper.  Of course, you can also use the internet to search for opportunities that are either in your area or in other cities that you’ve always wanted to go to.

5. Take up a sport or exercise class you’ve always meant to try.

If you are still struggling to find something to do, then try a little fitness.  Get a gym membership and a buddy to go with to work on your health.  Join a dance exercise class such as Zumba or learn to dance, in general.  Latin dancing (or any other partner dancing) can also be a great way to meet people.  Think Richard Gere in Shall We Dance. I am slightly biased towards dance, but this can apply to any sport (even golf).

6. Find a hobby that you didn’t have time for during the school year.

With the internet, you can pretty much learn to do anything.  Teach yourself to knit or crochet.  Complete a thousand piece puzzle.  Start (and maybe finish) a new (or classic) T.V. show. Maybe even write for Society19….? Hobbies can also give you a leg up in the employment world in one way or another.

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7. Attend any community event (s).

Take some cooking classes.  Join a book club.  Take your friends to one of those paint and wine events (if you are old enough).  Attend an art class.  Use this time to discover your interests.

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8. Frequently get together with your friends and family.

The summer proves to be a great time to see those you left behind to attend college.  You can do some of the things mentioned above with your BFFs and fam.  Do things you haven’t done in a while: go to the zoo or aquarium, visit museums, go to the beach, etc.  The point is to make the summer about experiences.  You have four months, so don’t waste them.  Before you know it, you will have a real job that may not offer summers off.  Enjoy it while you can.

What are some other great ways to survive summer vacation away from ESU? Comment below and share your ideas with students!
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