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How To Survive A Random Roommate

How To Survive A Random Roommate

From your freshman year of college to your first year out of college, you think you’re going to be rooming with some of your best friends…but that doesn’t always happen. In fact, you’re lucky if you even get to room with someone you already know. Rooming with complete strangers for an entire year (or longer) can be intimidating – I mean all you really know about them is their name and what they look like (assuming they have social media). If you’re lucky, by the end of the year you and your once random roommate will end up becoming good friends…but let’s take a step back. Before you can become buddy-buddy with your random roommate, you have to get through those awkward first few weeks. Here are some tips on surviving the start of college with a roomie who was plucked out of obscurity and placed into your life.

1. Find things you have in common.

Finding common ground with a new roommate is one of the simplest things you can do to make living with your new pal less awkward. If you discover that you both like a certain television show, set aside time to watch that show with them and subtly try to find out more about them. It doesn’t make any sense for people who live in the same house to watch the same show in separate rooms, at the same time.

2. Compliment them.

While this is mainly a step for females, guys can compliment their roommate without it sounding weird. Just mention something they like to do and express in a non-obvious way that you would like to be as good as them. Complementing is so easy, and a truly effective way for your roomie to see that you’re going out of your way to be friendly.



3. Have your own friends.

Just like in a romantic relationship, DO NOT DEPEND ON YOUR ROOMMATE TO BE YOUR SOCIAL COMPANION!!! They’ll get creeped out and annoyed with you and any bond you may have started to form will completely vanish.

4. Invite your roommate out with you and your friends.

While you shouldn’t invite your new roomie out with your inner circle all the time, you should every once in awhile! This will show your roommate that you want to include them in your life, and will probably reduce any tension you’re experiencing with them. A night out solves almost everything – random roommate or not.

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5. Give each other space.

While you are sharing a space with someone else remember that they are their own person and need space every once in awhile- just like you. As time goes on there will be telltale signs that says your roomie needs time alone, but in the beginning just ask if they want to be alone if they’re acting out of the ordinary.



6. Be considerate AND COMMUNICATE.

Don’t throw a party at 2 am if your roommate needs to be up at 6 am to get to work or something. That’s just rude. Pay attention to what works best for you and your roommate and if you’re ever unsure if something is okay – just ask! Communication is key, guys.

Do these six things and you won’t only survive your first few weeks with your random roommate, but you’ll miss them when they’re gone!

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